Monday, March 22, 2010


i have the best readers! yes, i mean you. you guys are so sweet with the comments from yesterday's post. thanks so much!
so over the weekend we got like 11" of snow. ridiculous. thankfully, it's all melting and the sun is shining quite spectacularly today. i had to don the aviators so i wouldn't go blind. except that they are matt's and are too big for my face and i look weird.
also, my hair didn't make it successfully through the night so i thought it the perfect opportunity to try out a top knot. i don't know that it looks as good as it could, but well, it's kinda cute. and it goes with my outfit.
this is my first jumpsuit. i really do love it. it's so comfortable! like i'm wearing my jammies. here's hoping i don't actually look like i'm wearing pjs (or like i'm five years old).
and i thought i'd clarify something from yesterday. i do not live above my shop. i wish i could, that would be my dream come true, but we couldn't afford it. my shop is a block up the street and there's a flower shop below our loft. one of these days, we would love to buy the bottom part too. but until money starts growing on trees, i'll have to take my cheap rent elsewhere. my shop space is way smaller so it suits me a lot better for now.
boots-steve madden (mel)


Meggstatus said...

These are some pretty damn stylish PJ's :)

All of my jean shorts are cut from jeans. Whenever I look for actual jean shorts they never fit quite right. I find I have much more success with the DIY option.

kate maggie said...

Stunner! This look so good on you. x

Anonymous said...

haha, your jumpsuit looks great! i'm all for pj-in-the-daytime sorts of outfits! -noel

Amanda said...

anything that feels like pj's but is totally chic is fine by me!
well, at least you live about flowers and not some weird sort of store!

Anonymous said...

That jumpsuit has your name written all over it :) Sorry to hear you got snow, but sounds like it will melt quickly!! I love the top knot, you look awesome with your hair up and some of those curls wisping around :)

Lexie said...

i love the embroidery on your jumpsuit! too cute.

Anonymous said...

You look great in this! and I love the topknot! :)
hmmmm, maybe I shouldn't cut my hair after all, lol

chicfaced said...

I'm so glad you bought it! It fits you perfectly and looks super cute. yay!

Lisa said...

Wow you look adorable! Aren't jumpsuits great. The boots look great with it too. I only have one so far but am definitely wanting more.

Lisa said...

one jumpsuit that is:)

stephanie renee said...

this is such a great look for you, so adorable!

merly k said...

I'm in complete and overwhelming love with this ensemble. From the cute messy bun, to the chic as hell jumpsuit to those hot to trot booties. Basically I need to recreate this.