Sunday, March 28, 2010

etsy update!

here are the cool things i got yesterday while thrifting. i am so reluctant to get rid of any of these pieces. especially the purple dress. i want to keep it so bad!!! but i'm trying to resist. i felt like a 70s lounge singer in it. it makes me want to get on stage, sing some sultry tunes and then step down, slide into a circle booth, order a dram of single malt scotch and hum along with the jazz band. quite a fantasy, eh?
but, these are available in my etsy store if you are as enamored with these pieces as i am.
and again, i am reminded of how awesome blogging is and the community that we belong to. i have gotten so much encouragement over the last couple days and i am so thankful to you guys for it!


kate maggie said...

You look so good in that purple dress! :) lovely finds!!

MOMO said...

Hey :)

I must say that I ADORE your style. You are so pretty, and the pictures are nice! Really god blog. You can take a look at mine, if you want to :-) It could be nice to follow each other :)

Take care.


Annebeth said...

I'd keep the purple dress if I were you, you look amazing in it :D

Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Nice outfits!

Rosie said...

I really like that first top! Congrats on being on the front of Chictopia too!