Monday, March 29, 2010

manic monday

that's such a great song, isn't it?
it's a busy day at the homestead. i'm cleaning like mad, organizing (or just putting things in closets and under beds and pretend i'm organized, but whatever), doing laundry, and running errands. tomorrow we're having company and i need the house to not look like a bunch of messy heathens reside here.
the weather is crazy amounts of pretty. and it's just going to get warmer over the next couple of days, which is good since our company is from south florida. it's actually matt's youngest sister and her husband who are coming to stay with us for a few days. it's been almost a year since we've seen them and i can't wait for them to get here already! matt's sister lived with us for a year and a half while she went to school. but then, she met a boy back home and he stole her away. it's a good thing i like him, otherwise i'd still be bitter.
i feel as though my hair is bigger than normal today. i don't know why.
i always feel weird on mondays. do you guys feel like that? i guess part of it is coming off the weekend when we can do whatever we want and then the next day being thrown back into a schedule that's not always pleasant, you know like cleaning. oh, well. at least it's sunny and warm!!
tee-american apparel
shorts-thrifted from goodwill
shoes-steve madden from mel


Alix said...

this outfit is so cute, and those shoes just add the perfect touch!!!

Rosie said...

Great shorts Amanda! I love the seventies vibes to all of your outfits!

avalonne said...

I love light denim, and they're high waisted too! Bravo! The weather does look warm! I just got back to San Francisco and it's no longer sunny, like when I left for London! I need some sun please! Hope you have fun catching up with relatives and friends :) Enjoy the warm weather!

kate maggie said...

Those shorts are stunning on you! Love them! You have the best hair ever too in awe.

cadencesmama said...

love those boots! and i saw you on the front of chictopia - so awesome! =)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Love these shorts! Definitely an amazing 70's vibe happening here!

Allison said...

I really adore those shorts! I always love your style and I've passed on the Sunshine Award to you!

See it here!


Meggstatus said...

Oh I love these shorts, the light denim looks so great on you!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit, and your hair is big and beautiful :) I'm having company this weekend too and I haven't even started cleaning!

~ megan

Lexie said...

you just get it so right with your simple, vintage/thrift style! i love it!

its simple love said...

What the what?! You make those shorts look so chic! I could never pull those off. I think they'd make many a wearer have mom-bum. You look great. Love the color combo.

p.s. Be sure to check out my lovely peruvian feather earring giveaway.


Teresa said...

Love this simple and chic casual outfit! You look so comfy and stylish!