Monday, December 31, 2012

goodbye 2012

new years eve.  a day of reflection and resolution.  i'm usually a bit blasé about this whole holiday.  by now i'm celebrated out and somewhat depressed by the thought of 31 days of bleak january, but this year it's different.  2012 was amazing.  i feel like a different person than i was a year ago, and that much to my betterment.  i have the best friends in the world and the greatest family a girl could ask for.  and i live in the coolest little town in arkansas.  i've been blessed beyond words.  and as 2012 fades, i feel very thankful and excited about what the new year has in store. 
but tonight, i party.

Monday, December 24, 2012

the day before christmas

IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i'm really excited.  this afternoon we are packing up and heading to my sister's house to eat, play games, laugh, relax, and celebrate.  then wake up on tuesday morning to open presents.  we're even expected to have a white christmas!!!!!!!!!  that's a big deal here in the quasi-south.  well, hope you all have a blessed and safe holiday spent with the ones you love :)
sweater-madewell, buffalo exchange
blouse-ysl, salvation army
jeans-calvin klein, thrift
boots-h by hudson, ebay
clutch-antonio melani, from my sister

Monday, December 17, 2012


just a few random phone pics from our trip to boston :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

boston day 2

well boston day 2 was that much more amazing after a GREAT monday night game.  we woke up, had a wonderful brunch at this cool cafe/bookstore, and then walked down to the nearest buffalo exchange.  sure the roundtrip was about 6 miles but we stopped in at a goodwill and a really awesome pub with 116 beers on tap and many more in bottles including some tasty GF beers.  then we ended the night with a fancy dinner consisting of raw oysters, wine, salmon and lots of brussel sprouts.  pretty much heaven.  it wasn't your typical boston vacation with tours of historical places and events.  we like to spend our time seeing a city through the eyes of the locals.  and in all that we fell in love with it.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

monday night football

i still can't believe i was there.  really.  i saw a patriots game at gillette stadium in foxboro??  on monday night???  and the patriots totally dominated?????!!!!  i couldn't ask for a better game than i saw on december 10, 2012.  i know so many of you don't care that much, but for me....the most spectacular night of my life.  we took the train from back bay to foxboro.  it was an hour of standing room only (yeah we were the ones standing) transit to the stadium and then we were running late.  i felt like everything was in slow motion getting there and then the moment the train stopped and we all piled out, it was like herding cattle.  i couldn't get there fast enough.  it was surreal: the lights, the atmosphere, the sites and sounds.  the opening drive went for a touchdown.  i was in heaven. it was supposed to rain all night.  but not a drop fell.  i think it was magic.  no it WAS magic.  there is no way i could've asked for a more spectacular night.  even these few days later, i can't grasp the fact that i was really there!  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

boston day 1

matt and i got to boston on sunday and have had a blast ever since our plane touched down.  well frankly, it started on the first leg of the trip when our flight got cancelled so delta kindly upgraded our rescheduled seats to first class!  that was awesome.  as soon as we landed, we searched out some food and thankfully a place right across from our hotel served gluten free pizza (sans cheese) and i attacked that thing like it might eat me first.  man, it was so good. 
the early part of monday we walked around downtown.  it was a bit dreary and rainy but that made the city look all the more beautiful.  this was our first time in beantown and it didn't disappoint.  i even got my first, and most likely only, red cup starbucks of the season. black, no cream and sugar for this girl.