Monday, April 29, 2013


i want to thank you all so very much for following along with off of broadway over the last couple years.  this blog has been so awesome for me, but at this time it just doesn't fit who i am.  so i've decided to start a new blog.  one that reflects me and my lifestyle, my family, my shop, and my community.  i want to share more with you guys and i think i compartmentalized this blog too much to allow me to do that.  so please, come see me at amandromeda.  and thanks again for meeting me here :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


i've been wrestling with the idea of closing my blog and had pretty much decided on it when i took these photos. even though i haven't taken any outfit shots in weeks, almost every time i get dressed in the morning, i have my blog in mind. is this blog worthy? would i post this outfit? kinda funny. it's been a big part of who i am for so long. i don't need to blog like i did before. when i started it, like most of you, i needed it for the community. i live in a small town that is largely void of style. but in the last year, i've gotten a great group of friends who are like me and this blog no longer serves the same purpose it did in the beginning. does that mean i get rid of it? i don't know. that's what i've been wrestling with. i think of you guys, my readers. i hate to disappoint you by shutting this blog down or by not giving it the attention it needs. have you all reached this point in your life? i could use some advice and direction. 
blazer, bag, shoes-vintage
pants-local boutique
tee-local coffee shop, pour jon's
necklace-clyde's rebirth