Tuesday, April 2, 2013


i've been wrestling with the idea of closing my blog and had pretty much decided on it when i took these photos. even though i haven't taken any outfit shots in weeks, almost every time i get dressed in the morning, i have my blog in mind. is this blog worthy? would i post this outfit? kinda funny. it's been a big part of who i am for so long. i don't need to blog like i did before. when i started it, like most of you, i needed it for the community. i live in a small town that is largely void of style. but in the last year, i've gotten a great group of friends who are like me and this blog no longer serves the same purpose it did in the beginning. does that mean i get rid of it? i don't know. that's what i've been wrestling with. i think of you guys, my readers. i hate to disappoint you by shutting this blog down or by not giving it the attention it needs. have you all reached this point in your life? i could use some advice and direction. 
blazer, bag, shoes-vintage
pants-local boutique
tee-local coffee shop, pour jon's
necklace-clyde's rebirth

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jenloveskev said...

Hey Friend!
I totally feel you on this. I would of course be sad to see you go but I have been thinking about the same things lately. I have loved the online community I have built but I when I started my blog I really needed that, but now things have changed. Sometimes it feels more like a competition to keep up then a genuine online community. Hmm not sure what the future holds for me but I am sure glad to have gotten to know you!!!