Wednesday, March 31, 2010

totally bummed out

you guys, i am so upset! i broke my camera. it was really windy out today and the wind just knocked the camera over and the lens is stuck. this is the second one i've broken in six months. it's a good thing i don't pay a lot for cameras because i seem to use them as though they were disposable. ugh! this was just about the only shot i was able to get before the incident and i don't really like it. sorry, about that.
in other news, we're having just a blast with our family in town. the weather is phenomenal and i made a major score at the thrift store this morning. i have loads of things to update the store with if i'm able to get a new camera soon or get this one fixed.
ok, well i'm about to go on a run so i must go get my gear on.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hints of summer

we are having the most wonderful spring weather. i just almost can't even believe it and i'm reasonably sure that in a few days we'll have thunderstorms and tornado warnings. i'm trying to soak up as much of this loveliness as possible.
hence the summer dress. it's linen so i will be a wrinkled mess later today, but oh well. it's fun and looks denim-y which is so right now. you know, because i'm all up on trends and stuff.
but, i do need to make this short because my company will be here in a matter of minutes. i just wanted to say hey to all of you, so hey! anyway, i'm not sure how posting will be over the next couple days. hopefully there won't be a lull in the action, but it depends on how busy we are. matt's taking a couple days off and we're probably going to be ripping up the town. we're crazy kids over here.
so enjoy your day. i hope it's lovely where you are!
shoes-some local shoe store
headband-natalo on etsy

Monday, March 29, 2010

manic monday

that's such a great song, isn't it?
it's a busy day at the homestead. i'm cleaning like mad, organizing (or just putting things in closets and under beds and pretend i'm organized, but whatever), doing laundry, and running errands. tomorrow we're having company and i need the house to not look like a bunch of messy heathens reside here.
the weather is crazy amounts of pretty. and it's just going to get warmer over the next couple of days, which is good since our company is from south florida. it's actually matt's youngest sister and her husband who are coming to stay with us for a few days. it's been almost a year since we've seen them and i can't wait for them to get here already! matt's sister lived with us for a year and a half while she went to school. but then, she met a boy back home and he stole her away. it's a good thing i like him, otherwise i'd still be bitter.
i feel as though my hair is bigger than normal today. i don't know why.
i always feel weird on mondays. do you guys feel like that? i guess part of it is coming off the weekend when we can do whatever we want and then the next day being thrown back into a schedule that's not always pleasant, you know like cleaning. oh, well. at least it's sunny and warm!!
tee-american apparel
shorts-thrifted from goodwill
shoes-steve madden from mel

Sunday, March 28, 2010

etsy update!

here are the cool things i got yesterday while thrifting. i am so reluctant to get rid of any of these pieces. especially the purple dress. i want to keep it so bad!!! but i'm trying to resist. i felt like a 70s lounge singer in it. it makes me want to get on stage, sing some sultry tunes and then step down, slide into a circle booth, order a dram of single malt scotch and hum along with the jazz band. quite a fantasy, eh?
but, these are available in my etsy store if you are as enamored with these pieces as i am.
and again, i am reminded of how awesome blogging is and the community that we belong to. i have gotten so much encouragement over the last couple days and i am so thankful to you guys for it!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

beside myself

look how mavericky i am now! i asked matt to take pictures of me in the street beside our house. ok, in all honesty, i wanted to take them on the sidewalk and he suggested we do them in the middle of the street. yes, it was all his idea. and yes, people looked, and i did feel a bit strange, but i did it anyway and it was fun!
today, we set out to do a little thrifting and running errands and such. hopefully, i'll be updating the store tomorrow if i get all my stuff done by then. i got a few super cool things.
and did you guys see the front page of chictopia?!?!?!?!? well, if not, i took a snap shot of it for you. this morning, i got up and checked my email on my phone like i always do while waiting for the coffee to brew. i had a lot of emails. so after i ate breakfast i looked at the computer and i was all confused. like, did it just send me straight to my blog? what's going on? and then my sleepy head figured it out!!! i thought the front page was only for super cool awesome people. i don't know what they were thinking putting a silly girl like me on there. i totally don't deserve it but i am beside myself with giddiness. thanks so much to all of you who listen to me, vote for me, comment on me, follow me, and generally like me. i am blessed. for so many reasons, but this is one really neat reason.
jeans-bdg, uo
shoes-vintage, leproust vintage, etsy
shirt-vintage, etsy

Friday, March 26, 2010

i'm done!

you guys, i'm done. i decided today that i am through wearing tights. i was a bit chilly in my skirt, but i just can't do it anymore. i'm done.
anyway, let's talk about my weird faces. it was pretty sunny and so my eyes were all squinty.
my skirt is jordache. how cool is that? those were the days, you know. i seriously want some jordache jeans. the ones with the horses head on the back pocket. i almost got a pair but chickened out because i really want to try them on first. if i ever see a pair in a thrift store, i'm gonna grab 'em.
thanks so much for listening to me talk about the dudes. i know it's kinda ridiculous to go on about it and to think that i am doing something groundbreaking by taking my photos out where someone could see me. but it is definitely out of my comfort zone. and i want to announce that i'm done with worrying about them! and anyone else for that matter. i'm gonna keep being all mavericky. you just don't even know where i'll be taking pictures next!
shoes-lower east side, ebay
skirt-vintage jordache, etsy

Thursday, March 25, 2010

rainy days

you know when you're a kid and you just love spring break? you look forward to it as soon as christmas is over, anticipating that glorious week of sunshine and no school. well, as soon as you have children who attend school you grow to hate spring break. ok, so i don't hate it, but boy am i ready for monday! the weather has been bad, only one nice day all week and the little one and i are starting to get stabby.
on a happier note, i got this lovely khaki tunic shirt from little ocean annie. i was going to save it until it got warmer, but then a lightbulb went off in my head this morning whilst getting dressed. i can wear this with a shirt under it and look totally rad! and so that's what i did. i love this top. and i can just imagine a hundred different ways to style it. thanks, annie, for getting it here so fast!!
and the saga with the dudes across the way continues. i saw a light on in their kitchen. i went out anyway and took my pictures and just dared them to stare at me and make fun. i would look into their window and see if they were peering at me. i almost hoped they would so that i could show them that i didn't care that they could see me. i'm such a maverick.
top-little ocean annie
shirt-thrifted, banana republic
boots-vintage, ebay

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


well, i braved the stares of the dudes today to take photos outside (turns out they weren't home, or at least they had no lights on and showed no signs of peeping) but they didn't turn out well because it was sprinkling on me. when i decided to go out and do a retake, it had started raining in earnest. so here i am, back in my room. all that bravery for nothing!
i bought this dress yesterday with the money i got from selling some clothes. it is so comfortable! and i love the slight batwing the sleeves have. i'm a sucker for a good batwing. and i am trying to bring more pattern and color to my wardrobe. i don't usually wear red but this works for me (i think) because it's a deep color and it has a sort of 70s vibe to the pattern.
it was a bit colder today than i had expected it to be. probably owing to the intense cloud cover and breeze. my legs were all goosebumpy. but, whatevs, i wanted to wear my dress!
hope you guys have a great night. it's family movie night around these parts. homemade pizza, candy, and tonight we're watching star wars episode 4. we always get out a mattress in the living room and pile on blankets and pillows to be cozy, then turn off the lights. it's so fun.
dress-thrifted, mossimo
necklace-etsy, gift from matt
boots-vintage, etsy

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


ok, so some guys moved into the apartment that is across from our deck. not a big deal so much except that's where i take my outfit pictures and i feel very strange having some college dudes watching while i strike my rad poses. oh the nerve!!!
however, today was lovely. well it started out horrible because i couldn't find anything to wear and got stressed out and blah, blah, blah. but then the boys and i met up for lunch and it was a wonderful day from then on out. we went to a pakistani/indian hole in the wall with the yummiest food ever! it's served buffet style and you ladle up some curried goodness from crock pots. there is zero atmosphere but the food more than makes up for it. then after matt went back to work, the little boy and i went to do some shopping. i was able to sell some clothes that i was tired of and spend the rest frivolously. so fun. i got a really great gold belt with two horse heads on the buckle. i haven't actually tried it on but in my mind it looks fantastic!
and can i talk about my headband? it is made by a very sweet young lady that lives here in town but also has an etsy store. she contacted me about putting some of her fascinators in my shop and i jumped at the chance. she's very talented and i just love the one that i picked out. if you'd like to, you should go to her etsy and see what she does. it's called natalo.
alright, well thanks for visiting me today, now go and enjoy your evening (or morning or afternoon)!
skirt-lux, urban outfitters
tee-american apparel

Monday, March 22, 2010


i have the best readers! yes, i mean you. you guys are so sweet with the comments from yesterday's post. thanks so much!
so over the weekend we got like 11" of snow. ridiculous. thankfully, it's all melting and the sun is shining quite spectacularly today. i had to don the aviators so i wouldn't go blind. except that they are matt's and are too big for my face and i look weird.
also, my hair didn't make it successfully through the night so i thought it the perfect opportunity to try out a top knot. i don't know that it looks as good as it could, but well, it's kinda cute. and it goes with my outfit.
this is my first jumpsuit. i really do love it. it's so comfortable! like i'm wearing my jammies. here's hoping i don't actually look like i'm wearing pjs (or like i'm five years old).
and i thought i'd clarify something from yesterday. i do not live above my shop. i wish i could, that would be my dream come true, but we couldn't afford it. my shop is a block up the street and there's a flower shop below our loft. one of these days, we would love to buy the bottom part too. but until money starts growing on trees, i'll have to take my cheap rent elsewhere. my shop space is way smaller so it suits me a lot better for now.
boots-steve madden (mel)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

10 things...

on friday, mel from idee geniale tagged me with the happy blogger award. i was so flattered because i think she is so totally cool and i think that we should hang out one of these days. like in june. i'll be in new york in june, mel! just keep that in mind, k?
so here are 10 things that make me happy (with the exception of this blog and all of you because that would be way more than 10).

1) my boys. matt (my husband and the bigger one) is so amazing. he is my best friend and i'm not sure what i'd do without him. he takes care of me, makes me laugh, and he thinks i'm cute. isaiah (fruit of my loins and the smaller one) is five and crazy. he's adorable, a handful, sweet, and everything i could want in a son.

2) running. after having isaiah, i really had a hard time and i dealt with some depression. running helped me find myself again. it was something i did for me, no one else. it's something i look forward to each day. like today, i ran in the snow and slush with sleet pelting my face. it was great. the picture above is the finish of my second marathon in memphis. don't let the time fool you. i actually finished with an official time of 4 hours and 42 minutes.

3) my house. when we first saw this place is was one empty space and we got to design it from nothing, no walls, no electricity, no heat, no air. this was a labor of love. well, others labored but it was my vision! anyway, we are the first in our little town to live in a loft space above a business so we feel a bit like pioneers. we are definitely living our dream in this place.

4) bubble baths. i love my clawfoot tub and i take bubble baths almost every night before bed. it is a small luxury that i can indulge in and i can't live without it!

5) books. interestingly enough, i have an english degree. obviously i'm not using it nor am i using my advanced grammar skillz. anyway, i love to read. this is my favorite book of all time. i've read it three times and no it is not intellectual but all about time travel, love, and scottish men in kilts.

6) travel. sometimes you just have to get the heck out of town. i love to travel and see new places. really get to know a culture and not just stay in a resort or see the highlights. this picture is from our trip to guatemala last year to visit some friends. we were at the fab rooftop bar drinking wine and watching the sun set. it was gorgeous.

7) my car. her name is pauli girl and she's a 1984 benz that runs on used veggie oil. i feel like a rich old lady driving her around town.

8) the beach. more specifically, the beach in the summer (this was taken in florida when we went for christmas. the in-laws live there). i'm not a super ocean fan but i love sitting on the sand and getting a tan. i love to be hot.

9) steak, wine and hot sauce. i'm not sure this really even needs an explanation.

10) football. i love me some football, especially the new england patriots. we are super fans. isaiah and i got these jerseys for christmas and we wore them proudly until the stupid ravens beat them in the play-offs (sorry, but it's upsetting). anyway, sundays and monday nights are sacred around this house.

so now i'm going to tag a few others. i hope you don't feel obligated but i'm tagging you because i'd like to get to know you ladies a bit more. i hope you all enjoyed reading a lot of personal things about me. now here they are (by blog name):

Saturday, March 20, 2010

guess what

happy first day of spring!!! we should all go out and enjoy this lovely saturday and the beautiful weather of a new spring day. oh wait. it's sleeting outside and will soon turn to snow. yay.
so on this gorgeous day, i decided to do a little etsy update. first up is this totally awesome guess high waisted mini skirt. dude, i remember wanting so badly to have one of these when i was a kid. all the cool girls wore them but my parents wouldn't let me have one because 'it's too short.' turns out they were kinda right. that's why i'm not keeping this gem. i couldn't get through any normal daily activities like say bending over while wearing this. it hurts me though. it really does.
well, i hope you all are having a nice and relaxing day. and if it's warm where you are, please soak up some of that sunshine for me!