Friday, March 26, 2010

i'm done!

you guys, i'm done. i decided today that i am through wearing tights. i was a bit chilly in my skirt, but i just can't do it anymore. i'm done.
anyway, let's talk about my weird faces. it was pretty sunny and so my eyes were all squinty.
my skirt is jordache. how cool is that? those were the days, you know. i seriously want some jordache jeans. the ones with the horses head on the back pocket. i almost got a pair but chickened out because i really want to try them on first. if i ever see a pair in a thrift store, i'm gonna grab 'em.
thanks so much for listening to me talk about the dudes. i know it's kinda ridiculous to go on about it and to think that i am doing something groundbreaking by taking my photos out where someone could see me. but it is definitely out of my comfort zone. and i want to announce that i'm done with worrying about them! and anyone else for that matter. i'm gonna keep being all mavericky. you just don't even know where i'll be taking pictures next!
shoes-lower east side, ebay
skirt-vintage jordache, etsy


Meggstatus said...

I feel like this is my face each time I take pictures... I have super sensitive eyes and can't stand the sun's glare. So I'm a squinting machine!

This blouse is too cute!

Lexie said...

i love the muted plaid blouse! so cute.

i have completely given up on being embarrassed about outfit photos. the excuse "it's uhh a project" seems to work best!

sophiasa said...

oh I totally understand the whole dude thing!! It's nerve racking!
you look really cute! Yay for no more tights, I gave em up too=)

M said...

i love your style!!!

Anonymous said...

OOOoo.. LOVE the vintage jordache!! I recently found a beautiful jordache faux-fur coat at Goodwill. They had priced it at $50, but I feel in love, so I splurged!

Love the outfit, and your hair up! You just need some small maverick sunglasses and you'll be set :)

~ megan

Rosie said...

I <3 Jordache! I need to be on the lookout for some highwaisted jeans! Love your outfit!

kate maggie said...

I loved this post - glad that you're over the boy situation and not worrying, also glad that you're not wearing tights anymore and can show off your legs! That skirt is amazing..I forgot about Jordache. Have a great day. x

Lucy Marmalade said...

A big HAHA to Jordache. You'd never know it!

Forget about those dudes! I take my photos in the middle of campus every day. We always get shouts and it's a bit embarrassing. But it's also an exercise in self-confidence.

Amanda said...

When I was taking photos today, my bf told me "Stop squinting your eyes!" and I told him that if I opened them the sun would probably blind me! It was so difficult, the sun was wayyy bright today! But I'm not complaining. Yay for no more tights!!

Margaret said...

you shoes are AMAZING!! love this look
great posts!
love your blog :)
stop by some time !! xx

Tanvi said...

Nice Blog :)

Tanvi said...

Nice Blog :)

Anonymous said...

This is on the front page of Chictopia!!!! Check it out!!! Way to go Amanda :) :)

Lisa said...

I'm in love with your shirt!

merly k said...

daaaaaaaaayum girly. with pins like that, of course you can't wear tights! Mine are definitely more on the cadaver side which is why an obscene amount of self tanner is needed before I release them into the wild.