Thursday, March 18, 2010

bare legs

i just realized how the print on my dress almost recedes into the wall behind me. maybe i should have considered that when taking my photos.
it feels like spring today. complete with scratchy throat and ears. oh, well. i love the warm weather and it's supposed to be warmer tomorrow!
ok, i must confess. i cheated. yes, i cheated. i wore tights earlier today to the shop because i was afraid i'd be cold if i didn't. so i got home and ripped those babies off, put on socks and then took pictures. sorry for deceiving you all. i hope you can learn to trust me again.
i passed up this dress probably 4 times before purchasing. i would take it off the rack, look at it, then put it back and walk away. for about a month i did that same ritual. until one fateful day when i took it off the rack and then walked away to the register! i thought it would be too big and i wouldn't be able to style it right. well, i took a chance that day and i am so glad i did. i think it's the perfect little summer dress. it is floral, i know it looks a bit camo in these pics. they are just very small white and green flowers on a brown background. super sweet.
wow, my whole outfit cost me less than $10. i just realized that!


Karen said...

Your outfit looks great and especially for $10. It is always interesting to consider how much your outfit has actually cost!!

Karen/Ruby Tuesday

heather said...

i really love the dress. it's nice how it has a little extra room so it can billow. and the entire thing for $10 you can't beat that!

kate maggie said...

I love that dress, especially with those socks. So great!

Anonymous said...

That is a great bargain. Pretty dress and it looks perfect on you. Love how your little white anklets look with those brown oxfords. Keep wearing those socks, they look great!

Kelly Lauren said...

loving your style, as usual =)

chicfaced said...

think you made the right move in the direction of the cash register for this one. it fits you perfectly and you styled it up nice and 70s, doing your thing.

Amanda said...

Those shoes are so sweet, can't believe it was all under ten bucks!

pauline said...

i adore this.