Wednesday, March 24, 2010


well, i braved the stares of the dudes today to take photos outside (turns out they weren't home, or at least they had no lights on and showed no signs of peeping) but they didn't turn out well because it was sprinkling on me. when i decided to go out and do a retake, it had started raining in earnest. so here i am, back in my room. all that bravery for nothing!
i bought this dress yesterday with the money i got from selling some clothes. it is so comfortable! and i love the slight batwing the sleeves have. i'm a sucker for a good batwing. and i am trying to bring more pattern and color to my wardrobe. i don't usually wear red but this works for me (i think) because it's a deep color and it has a sort of 70s vibe to the pattern.
it was a bit colder today than i had expected it to be. probably owing to the intense cloud cover and breeze. my legs were all goosebumpy. but, whatevs, i wanted to wear my dress!
hope you guys have a great night. it's family movie night around these parts. homemade pizza, candy, and tonight we're watching star wars episode 4. we always get out a mattress in the living room and pile on blankets and pillows to be cozy, then turn off the lights. it's so fun.
dress-thrifted, mossimo
necklace-etsy, gift from matt
boots-vintage, etsy


Little Ocean Annie said...

You are so cute. This dress is lovely, and I love the family night you're describing!

ps: your package went out in the mail yesterday! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love the dress, it is gorgeous! I have trouble taking pics in front of others too :) Seriously, you guys need to build a fort tonight with all of those pillows. (btw, Jon makes homemade pizza every Sunday night.. AND he is obsessed with watching Star Wars too.. AND my in-laws live in FL too! I forget to tell you that last one from your 10 Things post.. I'm excited to post mine this weekend!!)
Have fun :)
~ megan

Amanda said...

That sounds like so much fun!! And definitely a good choice of movie

Lucy Marmalade said...

Long live batwings! Love the pattern on the dress too; definitely a good buy.

Lexie said...

you look great! i love the shape/colors of the dress!

mmm, i had homemade pizza on sunday! it was so good!

i have never seen any of the star wars!

kate maggie said...

I freaking love star wars, i also freaking love these colors on you. You look amazing! Hope you have a fantastic lots of pizza!!

Kimberellie said...

Family movie night sounds awesome! Oh, and that dress is amazing! My first thought was: "Is she selling it in the store?". Alas. You are not.

You look great. Enjoy the movie!!


ChYmEc!nDy** said...

Like the outfit. I love your dress. So pretty on you.

Diya said...

haha I get my bf to take the photos but I still get creepy stares from dudes... so I feel your pain! too bad it started raining outside.

Anyway, I love that dress! such a pretty print.

ps. if you have time, please check out my blog:

nihonfleur said...

What an adorable evening! This dress looks amazing on you! I recently realized I hardly have any prints/patterns in my wardrobe! haha time to shop

the maisies said...

great dress.