Friday, March 12, 2010

dusty rose

on account of the weather i had to do some indoor shots. i actually really like the lighting in these.

fyi, when i take pictures inside, it's always in my bedroom. so, does it feel creepy to know that now? i should show you the sweet song that matt wrote for me. he sang it to me the first time he said he loved me and then also at our wedding. he painted the lyrics on the wall above our bed. he's terribly romantic, you know.
the last two days i've been dressing my shop window for spring. you'd think that after that much time it would be very elaborate and fantastical like the anthropologie displays. it's not really. it takes me a long time to get anything done because i'll change my mind or someone comes in or my silly little boy will get into something. anyway, i'll probably put the finishing touches on it tomorrow while i'm there and then i might take a picture to show you. i think it's starting to look awfully cute.
so my little pink sweater is from my favorite thrift store in town and i got it this past wednesday. i am quite in love with it. i love the butterfly sleeve, the cut outs, the little tie, and the color is such a lovely shade of dusty rose. 5 years ago i would have turned my nose up at such a color but i think it goes fairly well with my complexion and hair. and i didn't even see it at first. there wasn't much that i was interested in this week but as i was heading out i passed this small rack of vests. the precious thing was nestled among them and i saw the color peeking out and looked a bit closer and the rest is history. i wonder if someone else wanted it so they put it in the wrong section to keep a girl like me from finding it. sneaky shopper. but not very clever.
and i've decided that i am no longer going to apologize for how often i wear these boots. we're just all going to have to get used to it. they are a part of me.
jeans-seven for all mankind


Meggstatus said...

Have I ever told you how envious I am that you have a little ship of you own? Well if now I am.

Annie Hall was the first Woody Allen movie I ever watched and now I'm hooked!

sophiasa said...

Lol don't apologize,I love your boots! They go with everything and you style them so well:) That is a gorgeous sweater too, can't believe it's thrifted! The pink does look really nice on you <3

kate maggie said...

I love how these photos turned out, you're right, the lighting is really nice! I love that top and those boots are great. You always look so good!

Ivanka said...

Love your sweater!

The Closet of Kim said...

That is a great sweater, and a beautiful color! It looks very nice on you.

Kelly Lauren said...

you are so cute! I now, too, follow your blog. =) and have favorited your etsy! love your style and your etsy items. woo for new blog and etsy finds.


Lucy Marmalade said...

I am SO in love with your sweater! You should post that love song sometime, too.

Lisa said...

I love th sweater and window photos!