Thursday, March 11, 2010


so the cold has returned, which accounts for the sweats. i had a lovely little floral dress on earlier, but while i was finishing up getting ready, i just wasn't feeling it. it looked cute and all but it had short sleeves and the cardigan i wanted to wear with it was in the laundry and in all honesty it is just too adorable to waste on a dreary day like today (sad face).
and to top it off, my car has to go into the shop today! well, i'm dropping it off tonight and it will get worked on tomorrow. it's such a drag being carless.
but i did just eat half a roll of sweetarts! yum.
sorry that my thoughts are a bit random today. i'm not sure why.
my tea tree oil regimen is actually working. i've only used it three times and i can already tell a difference. it has a peculiar smell though. i like it because it's earthy but it's pretty strong.
thanks for listening yesterday. it seems there are a few people who've had the same problem with bangs. maybe i'll just pull mind back when i sleep because that's when i'm the oiliest anyway. i would go to a dermatologist but i'm too cheap! but i don't know, if this doesn't work then i might have to. i'm too old to be dealing with this!!
oh, and i think this is the first time i've shown you this jacket. i rarely photograph my outerwear. for the most part all my jackets and coats are lame. but this one is a gem. i found it for $6 in the boys section. i realize i do tend to shop the childrens section a bit too much, but whatever. i love it! matt was jealous when i brought it home. he wished it would fit him. you know, somedays it really pays off to be petite.


kate maggie said...

love those pants! Your hair is so pretty too :) said...

your jacket is really great, and what a deal for only $6. It kind of reminds me of Amelia Earhart! love the shoes too, I can't believe it's gotten cold again. It's still pretty warm here in LR. Did yall deal with any tornado nonsense yesterday??

sophiasa said...

Dreary, maybe, but you look great!I love the sweats styled like that! Original and so cute. And I agree, that jacket is a total gem! wow!

Kimberellie said...

Oh my gosh. This outfit is so cool and different and new and perfect and COMFORTABLE looking. Love the socks with the shoes with the short sweat pants. YUM!

Also, I've found that using a Norwex face cloth has really improved my skin. I don't use any cleanser or make up remover. Just the cloth. My skin has never been happier since I started this.

I totally recommend it!!


chicfaced said...

That is an awesome jacket. For reals. You really do find the best deals...that rhymed.

Anyway, thanks for the congrats on the shop. It's funny, you're the only one in the blog world who knew about it earlier! I will def put you on the mailing list (when I have one...working on web stuff now). but if you search for beaucoup vintage on facebook, I have a fan page. Does your store have a fan page? We can be fb buddies.

Lucy Marmalade said...

I love the warm brown of the shoes with the gray socks! You look great-- and I totally get it, some days, the weather dictates what you wear.

Kelly Lauren said...

what a great outfit!!! I can't believe it's all thrifted cause you look fab. What brand are those shoes if you don't mind me asking? And for thrifted pants, they have a great fit on you! and are very stylish. Way to go.

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Those pants are too awesome; I'm jealous! Annie.