Wednesday, March 10, 2010

long story

you may have noticed that i pulled my bangs back. well, there's a reason for it. it's kind of a long story so brace yourselves. when i was in high school, i had the normal teenage skin problems and what not. it wasn't bad by any means, but an occasional blemish here and there. when i got pregnant with my son, things began to change. i broke out something fierce. i figured that it was just hormonal and would soon pass. well, it hasn't. i have horrible skin. that's all there is to it. i've been battling with bad breakouts for the last six years (if you count pregnancy). proactiv worked the best, but it dries out my face and it's expensive and i still have some blemishes. so the other night i just got fed up and started searching the internets for some kind of answers to my problem. i really wanted a more natural solution and read about using tea tree oil (which i bought this morning and will soon test out) and taking vitamins and the like. apparently, it has more to do with what you take in than just having oily skin. i'm not giving up food so we're going a different route on this. but one of the things i read is to keep your hair out of your face. i thought, hmmm...funny how my forehead started breaking out like a teenage boy when i cut my bangs. and the serum i put on my hair (and bangs, which lay RIGHT ON MY FOREHEAD) to keep it from getting frizzy is very oily. lightbulb moment, and i'm now growing out my bangs to save my poor skin. so that is the unabridged version of why my bangs are back in a bobby pin. thanks for listening.
so about my outfit, this skirt that i bought for $2 used to be down to my ankles. why on earth did people design garments like that? anyway, i cut it last night and hemmed it this morning to wear to the shop today. i love it!! it has the funnest pleating and full skirt. well, except that today is also very windy and i was flashing people while walking up and down the street. maybe they thought the pleating and full skirt was fun too. you never know.
skirt-vintage (i'm pretty sure) banana republic safari and travel clothing co.
top-anna sui for target


Anonymous said...

The background is beautiful and I love what you did with the skirt! I will have to be on the look-out for something I can cut up :) You look fabulous with your bangs up, especially with those wonderful curls!! I wish you the best in your skin-redeeming quest!

Lucy Marmalade said...

I looove that shirt. The two-tone makes all the difference. And you are too beautiful to worry about a blemish or two--you are probably the only one that notices. Your bangs do look great pulled back though!

Jessica said...

I love the skirt! Great alteration. I have a huge pile of thrifted items I need to hem...all of which are super long like your skirt used to be! I hope they turn out as well as yours.

acute angle said...

OMG!! When I first cut my bangs my forehead broke out SO BADLY!! I had an "oooh duh" moment myself when I realized my hair products (and the heat) were causing some painful zits. I kept my bangs but stopped putting any product in them. Zits stopped!!

I also hear (like you said) that changing your diet can help (don't blame you for wanting to avoid this. My brother discovered that he was allergic to all the perfumes in my mom's detergent/soap and they had to switch to the non fragrant stuff. I hope you find what works for you!!!

Would you consider regular-ish visits to a dermatologists?


acute angle said...
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kate maggie said...

i love those boots! amazing. You look very pretty. I like your blog alot! x

Amanda said...

Cute outfit! I hear ya about the forehead starting breaking out again when I got them cut last year. I just try and pin them up at night though after I've washed my face cause i can't live without them!

Kimberellie said...

This is an awesome look. Love what you did with the skirt!! You've inspired my future thrifting adventures!

daisymay said...

Love that top!

NBeteck said...

i LOVED your blog the minute it opened on my screen! you take risk, great job!