Sunday, February 28, 2010

sunday afternoon

hope you all are having a lovely sunday afternoon. i am relaxing and watching the gold medal hockey game (go usa!). matt took these pictures while grilling our steaks for lunch. you can always tell when he takes the pictures for me, i smile more. anyway, the steaks were delicious and the beer was cold. we even ate ice cream for dessert. seriously, i'm ready for a nap.

i'm wearing my $2 shoes that i bought yesterday. they're pretty comfortable.

i had to put a skirt on under my dress to make it church appropriate. i hemmed the dress myself and i messed up and made the front shorter than the back. one of these days i will fix it. but, i cut it too short and i feel kind of exposed. but at least it gave me the opportunity to put a little more color and texture to this outfit. i think it's kind of cute peeking out at the bottom.

necklace-vintage, etsy

Saturday, February 27, 2010


today we hit every thrift store in a 25 mile radius. it was pretty fun. i got a few pieces for the shop and a few things for myself. and the boys got some stuff too.

there were a lot of sales going on this weekend, apparently. i bought a cardigan vest sweater what-have-you for 75% off, which translated to 73 cents. i mean, i've never heard of such a thing before! a pair of shoes for half price, so they were $2. i found a burberry jacket for $6!! i don't know what i'm going to do with it because it's big for me. all i know is that i couldn't possibly let it stay on the rack at goodwill. that would have been a tragedy.

i know this isn't like the best outfit i've ever put together, but it was comfy and worked well with the marathon thrifting we did today. i even wore my glasses. i don't know when this will happen again so i thought i'd let you see them will the getting was good.

the weather was phenomenal! sunny and in the upper 40s and a good breeze. sorry for all of you in new england. i've seen pictures and it doesn't look pretty. well, it looks pretty but i know it's a big pain and that lots of people are without power and are totally snowed in. i just hope that everyone is okay.
boots-vintage, ebay
tights-urban outfitters
shirt-old navy, ebay
belt-vintage, ebay
scarf-urban outfitters

Friday, February 26, 2010


yay, i finally got a poncho! i've been coveting the ones i've seen on others and i even had a few on my favorites list on etsy. but i lucked out and found one at the little antique store across the street from my house! and, even better, they were having a half price sale on all clothing. yay! is it okay to wear these in the summer? because i probably will, all the time.

i'm standing on the roof of the salon next to my building. i wonder if they heard me traipsing around up there. incidentally, it is the same salon where i get my hair cut. mostly for convenience, but also because my stylist is a friend and our sons are about the same age and they played on the same tee-ball team last year (so cute). all that to say, you'd think i would go in for a fringe trim since it's so close. i mean, i have to walk in front of the place to get to my front door from where i park my car. but no, i just push my bangs to the side so that i may see. it doesn't make sense.

in other news, it's friday! but that also means that the olympic closing ceremony is coming up on sunday night. i'm actually already dreading the end. i get depressed to see the games end so i can't imagine how it feels for the athletes and the organizing committees. and i will have to take down the olympic flag in the window. i've had so many people comment on that. you can see it from the street and people will come up to me and say 'hey i saw the flag in your window.' it's pretty cool.

shirt-thrifted, banana republic
shorts-thrifted, cut from a pair of pants
boots-vintage, etsy

Thursday, February 25, 2010

everyone's doing it

i've never been one to wear a headwrap, but i've seen so many fashionable ladies wearing them so i guess i decided i might as well try it. my original plan was to wear this thing as a scarf, but i looked very '80s mom.' since that is not the image i wanted to portray, i had to go with plan b. and so this 'thing' is actually the bottom part of a dress that i cut off when i made it shorter. you might remember it: the dress i wore with the cropped blazer and thigh highs (here's the link to the dress if you're so inclined). anywho, i wrapped it around my head a few times and tied the excess in a knot so it would stay and then put my hair in a side low ponytail. i thought it gave me a bit of feminine charm with the wool trousers and oxfords (i know, again with the oxfords). the belt i'm wearing is from a dress i bought a long time ago and have since gotten rid of it. it's strange how i still have the belt. my top is from my very favorite 'manna center' and is an h&m top i got for $2. for realz, guys, i love shopping there.
i took pictures inside today because i looked really bad in all of the outside shots. like, it was strange. i think i was squinting too much and the angle was bad. i don't know but it was hideola.

trousers-vintage , etsy
shirt-thrifted, manna center

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

nautical librarian

ok, so i'm totally changing my layout. just for fun.
is that confusing? let me know.

i am aware that i slightly resemble a librarian today with this outfit. it's just too bad that i'm not wearing my glasses as well.

i had to put my hand in the pocket of my vest because i have not just one but two band-aids on my finger. when i was walking out to the deck to take my pictures, the door wouldn't open and i was pushing and jamming on the handle and i ripped quite a bit of skin off my first finger. it still hurts.

today was gorgeous. cold, but sunny and clear.

hmmm, what else can i talk about? my store is doing really well this month. january was pretty rough so i'm really thankful for the boost that february has given me.

this is actually the third outfit that i put on and took pictures of today. after taking the photos, i wasn't very excited about how i looked. i kept one other set because somehow, when i got them on the computer, they turned out looking better than i thought. but this is what i spent my day in. my nautical librarian outfit. in reality, this vest is so very bright. it's red, but it's the red equivalent of blaze orange. you know, the color that hunters wear so that they don't get shot by another hunter? yep, that's pretty close. for someone who doesn't usually buy clothes that aren't black, navy, brown, and shades thereof, this is a departure. but i'm determined to step out of my chromatically challenged box.

crazy bright vest-vintage, 2 gals junk
belt-thrifted, manna center

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

feelin' groovy

i got the best compliment today. my friend's four year old little girl said, "ms. amanda, you look cute!" she's such a sweetie.

the sun feels so wonderful today. the promise of spring and long days ahead. i actually can't remember the last time i was hot. i know those days are coming though and i will complain about the sweltering heat and how i sweat in the car because i have no a/c and leather seats. but i'll take that over shivering any day.
today marked the first time to drive while wearing these shoes. i won't lie, it was a challenge. i'm not used to the extra leg length these platforms give me and i sympathized a bit with matt having to drive the car without being able to push the seat back (yep, that doesn't work either). my knees were all hitting the steering wheel and stuff. but without such tall shoes, my totally awesome jeans would drag the ground. i just got these in the mail this weekend and i think they're pretty cool. i haven't had a pair of wide legs in a long time. i love them.
thanks for all the super nice comments. you don't know how excited i get when i read them. it really does make my day. just like sweet little anna's compliment today.
platform wedges-ebay
jeans-juicy couture (i know, right?)-ebay brand new with the tags $210, i bought for $20!!!!
tshirt-american apparel
sweater-flea market across the street called 2 gals junk.

Monday, February 22, 2010

what's yours is mine

i am totally wearing matt's shirt right now.

i am also totally freezing right now.

yeah, so i wanted to wear my leggings today for comforts sake and whatever, but i don't have very many tops that are long enough to cover my areas. that's when sharing a closet with a man comes in very handy. i stole this shirt and did a faux wrap with it, belted it, and called it good. this is the funkiest western shirt i've ever seen. every time matt wears it he gets loads of compliments. i'm not saying that i'm expecting a barrage of praise on this outfit or anything, i'm just letting you know what happens to him.
i got my belt for 25 cents last week. not too shabby.
boots-vintage, ebay
socks-my mom
shirt-matt, goodwill
belt-manna center, that's my fav thrift store in town with half price wednesday

Friday, February 19, 2010

double knit

double your pleasure, double your knits! the wind was pretty gusty today so the only way i could successfully ward off the chills was to put on a big sweater and a big scarf. nice and cozy.

and yes i did pull out the little girl sweats again. they are so super comfy. and if i pair them with boots and five different kinds of knits and accessories, no one knows that they are sweatpants. see, i bet you wouldn't know if i didn't just confess.

i am so glad it's friday. it's not like my week is very busy or stressful or anything and i love being at my shop, but i have tomorrow off for the first time in a long time and i am looking forward to the relaxation. see, my shop is connected to an art gallery and the girl that owns it switches off with me so neither one of us has to be there all day everyday. we split our time manning the stores and this is my weekend off. but i really need to do some shopping for the shop tomorrow. we'll see. that's not even work though. i mean, it's shopping!!
scarf-yarn over movement, etsy
boots-vintage, ebay
belt-vintage, ebay
necklace-vintage, etsy

Thursday, February 18, 2010

just me

i wanted to be comfortable today. so this is what you get, just me.

on a different note, i noticed last night while watching the olympics (of course), that i have the brunette version of shaun white's hair. i mean, seriously, it's almost exactly the same. i wish we also had two gold medals in common. now that would be awesome.
jeans-seven for all mankind
cowl neck sweater-gap

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i hope you guys like my sepia tones and curved edges because i don't think i can stop now.

it was so bright up on the deck today. i'm not complaining, mind. i'm just stating a fact.

i got this dress not long ago off of ebay and when it came in i thought 'yikes, this is the smallest dress ever.' it has a tube top so i was able to turn that down and wear it as a skirt with no problems. today, on a whim, i decided to wear it as it is intended to be worn, as a dress. it's not as tight as i remember. either that or i was still carrying my holiday weight and have since shed it. no matter, i have found a new versatility with this piece and i am totally in love with it and it's possible that you will get terribly bored of me wearing it EVERYDAY.
i am so pumped for the olympics tonight. it is going to be an action-packed evening full of skiing, snowboarding, and speed-skating. so people better think before they call me. call screening will be in full force.
dress-urban outfitters, ebay
belt-vintage, ebay
boots-vintage, ebay

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

feeling 70's

having fun with today. i just discovered it, and boy is it the best thing that ever happened to me! it almost looks like i'm a photographer or something. i said almost. i take what i can get.

that is something that is on my 'to do' list for 2010: take better pictures. mine are just horrible. i get so jealous when i look at other people's blogs and they take the loveliest photos. mine always come out blurry, poorly cropped, or have bad lighting. i have a holga but i've only shot one roll of film. i have like 5 more in my fridge just waiting to get used. my digital camera is a cheap point and shoot that does nothing to mask my incompetence. but these didn't turn out so bad!

in case you were wondering, yes i am wearing a denim belt over a denim shirt with black jeans. i don't think it can be considered a canadian tuxedo if the jeans are black, right? i don't know, this could be a big mistake. but really it goes with the curved edges and sepia tone of the pictures. i'm feeling very 'that 70's show.'
jeans-topshop, ebay
shirt-old navy, ebay
belt-vintage, local store
boots-vintage, ebay

Monday, February 15, 2010

boot scootin'

i totally look like i'm about to attend some sort of barn dance, right? well, rest assured, i am not.

it was a bit of a blustery day out on the deck. i'm trying not to freeze and/or blow away.

ok, so i never expected to get such lovely comments on my post yesterday. i was stressed out all day and maybe a little cranky. i wanted desperately to have a good attitude and have fun making dinner for valentine's, but i was failing miserably. matt took those pictures for me and i still wasn't feeling it. your comments really meant a lot to me, helping me out of my funk. and just so you know, i ended up having a great time with my sweetheart eating roasted cornish hen and sun-dried tomato bruschetta with strawberries and dark chocolate truffles for dessert. oh, and let's not forget the champagne! (i'll be honest, the champagne worked wonders on my attitude)
and to answer some of your questions, i will post some wedding pictures some time. when i think to haul out my scanner i'll do it. my jacket was a christmas gift from my dad. yesterday was the first time i'd worn it because i don't know exactly how to style it. it's blue quilted velvet outside with a gold silk inside. he will be so glad that you all liked it!
now today's outfit is all vintage. the shirt i bought from mel at ideegeniale. i love plaid. apparently, i can't get enough of it. i seem to collect plaid shirts like it's my job. my skirt is from a site called color scavenger. they don't update a lot, but they have cool stuff. my boots are from ebay. i love ebay. it really is more fun to win.
ok, so long post today. see you later.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

i said yes

this day nine years ago (yeah i know, i’m old) matt proposed to me at a restaurant in tulsa, oklahoma. i said yes and the whole place started applauding. i actually don’t remember a single thing he said to me, because i was in this amazing dreamland. my eyes were totally focused on the ring sparkling in the low light and when he stopped talking, i just said yes! thankfully, he wrote everything down and gave me the paper with his proposal written on it otherwise, i would just swear it didn’t even happen. he had dinner with my parents’ to ask their permission the week before and they already knew and were waiting for us when we pulled in the driveway to share the news. it was the best night ever. well, our wedding was better, but you know what i mean! so this many years later, we’re happier than even on that day. and every day i’m thankful that he asked!

Friday, February 12, 2010


i've been looking for a pair of brown oxfords for a long time. yesterday these babies sauntered into my life and i haven't been the same since. i love them. perfect color and perfect fit. i couldn't be happier.
and you know what else makes me happy? the olympics start tonight!!!! i am so pumped. we're going to hang up our olympic flag, isaiah's wearing his team usa tshirt, thinking about getting some canadian bacon for dinner, we're set. it's going to be awesome!!
and i finally saw avatar last night in 3d. it was really good. much better than i had expected. however, it took a long time to get used to 3d action. i was pretty dizzy for the first hour and couldn't even look at the screen when there was a lot of action. then i got in the groove and it was fabulous. guaranteed it will win some oscars.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


half price wednesday strikes again. found these totally rad sweats in the little girls section (which accounts for the length) for $2!! they have pockets! now tell me that's not awesome.

for those of you who don't know this, i love to run. it's like my thing. i get cranky if i don't get to (just ask matt) and when i'm stressed it does wonders to calm me down. i've done a couple marathons and a half marathon. i was supposed to run my third full marathon last november, but i over trained and got injured. four days before the race, i had to back out. i cried buckets. i was just so disappointed and i felt like a failure. i put so much work and time into it and then i had to quit. thankfully, i've completely recovered and i am itching to do another race. today i went out for my longest run in three months and it felt great! there is a half i could do in about a month. i'm a little worried that i won't be ready for it, but i am feeling that tug, that need do a race. now, i just have to decide. what to do, what to do?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

thigh high

i couldn't decide what photos to post today, so you get to see them all! luckies!

i finally bought some over the knee socks. i've been wanting some but i kept debating with myself whether or not i could pull them off. well, i just did it. i like them. they make me feel a bit naughty and what better time of year to feel naughty than february?! plus, they are really useful in keeping my legs warm on a very cold day.
i also am trying to make my pictures bigger. i'm having a hard time finding the right size to go along with my lower resolution photos. still in the experimentation stage.
i haven't done a very good job of posting where my stuff is from. i've sort of forgotten. apologies all around.
shoes-(you should know by now) vintage from etsy
dress-vintage from a friend and was supposed to go in my shop, oh well:)