Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i gotta fever

and the only prescription is more cowbell.

do you remember that snl skit with christopher walken and will ferrell? it is probably one of the best ever! matt found this shirt at a thrift store last week. it is an original with the snl tag in it! what a great find and a lucky one as it didn't fit him so i got to have it!

we got a little snow yesterday and over night but it didn't stick around. it was bitterly cold though so i was frozen by the time i got inside from taking these photos.
i got a new pair of vintage wedges!! i'm so excited. they came in the mail yesterday so i had to wear them today even just to get used to wearing such high shoes. i felt about 6 feet tall in them. i'm so ready for spring!!!!!!!


bellisimama said...

omg, i love that skit. when i was a bartender, one night the band playing did a joke rendition of that song, with cowbell and everything. some guy in the audience got SOOOO into it, he stole the cowbell and stood in the center of the room, just going to town on the thing. the band didn't really know the song, just the intro...it was hysterical!
also, i love the socks with those shoes! you look great as usual!

chicfaced said...

dude, more snow here in VA. The university is closed yet again so that means no work for me, yet again. Not sure how I'm feeling about all this.

Love the wedges - they're gonna be super cute (and versatile) in the spring. Where oh where is the spring!?!

amanda said...

bellisimama, that is soo hilarious!! i remember when i first saw that skit, i fell off my couch. it was so great!

Britty said...

your is so nice i really love the sweater!