Sunday, February 28, 2010

sunday afternoon

hope you all are having a lovely sunday afternoon. i am relaxing and watching the gold medal hockey game (go usa!). matt took these pictures while grilling our steaks for lunch. you can always tell when he takes the pictures for me, i smile more. anyway, the steaks were delicious and the beer was cold. we even ate ice cream for dessert. seriously, i'm ready for a nap.

i'm wearing my $2 shoes that i bought yesterday. they're pretty comfortable.

i had to put a skirt on under my dress to make it church appropriate. i hemmed the dress myself and i messed up and made the front shorter than the back. one of these days i will fix it. but, i cut it too short and i feel kind of exposed. but at least it gave me the opportunity to put a little more color and texture to this outfit. i think it's kind of cute peeking out at the bottom.

necklace-vintage, etsy


Starr- A Thought Is The Blossom said...

i think the skirt underneath the dress is a great touch, it's one of my favorite tricks to spice up the dresses that i'm bored with! the boy and i went to a friends to watch the game too...what a bummer about the ending. :(

are you from arkansas? where do you live?

Chandra/ Modern Day Charm said...

Very cute!!

Lisa said...

Such a cute outfit. The pieces look really cool together!

Anonymous said...

Is animal print appropriate for church? Just kidding, you look awesome, and I love how the print matches the cut-out of the shoes w/the white tights. Very pretty!