Monday, February 1, 2010

curly girl

i wore my hair curly. i haven't done that in forever! mostly because it's usually very frizzy and gross, but i bought some defrizzer and it has been working wonders. i just have to make sure i have enough time to air dry it. blow drying is detrimental to my curls.
as you can see, the snow is still on the ground. it's melting slowly though. i think i'm done with it. spring can start tomorrow.
oh, and i'm going to have a new niece any moment now! i can't wait to meet her. that will make niece number 6 for me while i only have 2 nephews, and of course my own little crazy boy. but i keep checking my facebook to see updates on how things are going. i just hope it's soon!
ok, so i have had a request to i.d. my clothes, so here goes:
denim shirt-thrifted old navy
black skirt-thrifted some sort of athletic company brand, it's actually a sweat pant material!
tights-urban outfitters, gift from my mother-in-law
boots-vintage from etsy
belt-vintage from ebay
scarf-self made from left over fabric from a pillow i made for my shop:)


myedit said...

Your hair looks great!
I've been hunting for the perfect thrifted denim shirt for a while... last time I bought a dress, two purses and a sweater instead. Oops. Yours is perfect!

amanda said...

thanks! i totally feel like i'm back in high school wearing a denim shirt:) i love it!

chicfaced said...

i dig the shirt too. i have one from american eagle (don't judge) and it has served me so well this winter!