Tuesday, February 23, 2010

feelin' groovy

i got the best compliment today. my friend's four year old little girl said, "ms. amanda, you look cute!" she's such a sweetie.

the sun feels so wonderful today. the promise of spring and long days ahead. i actually can't remember the last time i was hot. i know those days are coming though and i will complain about the sweltering heat and how i sweat in the car because i have no a/c and leather seats. but i'll take that over shivering any day.
today marked the first time to drive while wearing these shoes. i won't lie, it was a challenge. i'm not used to the extra leg length these platforms give me and i sympathized a bit with matt having to drive the car without being able to push the seat back (yep, that doesn't work either). my knees were all hitting the steering wheel and stuff. but without such tall shoes, my totally awesome jeans would drag the ground. i just got these in the mail this weekend and i think they're pretty cool. i haven't had a pair of wide legs in a long time. i love them.
thanks for all the super nice comments. you don't know how excited i get when i read them. it really does make my day. just like sweet little anna's compliment today.
platform wedges-ebay
jeans-juicy couture (i know, right?)-ebay brand new with the tags $210, i bought for $20!!!!
tshirt-american apparel
sweater-flea market across the street called 2 gals junk.


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I love this! Those jeans look great on you, and paired perfectly with the AA tee (I have the same one.. love it..!) and the cardigan and necklace. Perfect!

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

love this too. those jeans fit you perfectly! great owl necklace. :)

Anonymous said...

ms. amanda, you look Fabulous!! Those jeans looks fantastic on you!!! :D


chicfaced said...

those jeans are rad. you should wear them all the time! especially with those platforms. great find!

~HM~ said...

Those are totally rockin' jeans! I love me a wide leg jean like nobodies business. And that white sweater is to die for! Reminds me of the one Rachel McAdams character wears in "The Time Travelers Wife." So very cute!