Friday, February 5, 2010

wear red

today is national wear red day to support women's heart health. i wanted to be festive and i think we ladies should stick together. this dress is literally the only red thing i own with the exception of underpants and tech shirts. and since just wearing panties is frowned upon and my running gear is decidedly unchic, i wore the dress! i bought it for my sister-in-law's wedding last summer. she had all of her bridesmaids wear different colors and it looked really great. today marks only the third time i've taken this one out of the closet. i don't know, red is hard for me. it's so bright. and so i paired it with my purple lace tights, black lace slip, and black lace gloves. hmm, i think there's a trend here. but of course to toughen it, i threw on my pleather jacket. that and the fact that it's really cold.
yesterday i totally didn't post anything. sorry about that. it was just one of those days. it took me forever to find something to put on that i didn't completely hate and that made me run late so i couldn't take pictures. then when i did get around to taking outfit shots, it was dark and the light was wrong and they looked horrible. so there you have it. oh well. i did get some red wine and that took the edge off and it's heart healthy!!


Lara said...

I didnt even know it was National Wear Red Day but, luckily I wore red!

amanda said...

way to go! it still counts:)

The Style Rider said...

I really really love this outfit! You pull it all together so nicely!