Thursday, February 25, 2010

everyone's doing it

i've never been one to wear a headwrap, but i've seen so many fashionable ladies wearing them so i guess i decided i might as well try it. my original plan was to wear this thing as a scarf, but i looked very '80s mom.' since that is not the image i wanted to portray, i had to go with plan b. and so this 'thing' is actually the bottom part of a dress that i cut off when i made it shorter. you might remember it: the dress i wore with the cropped blazer and thigh highs (here's the link to the dress if you're so inclined). anywho, i wrapped it around my head a few times and tied the excess in a knot so it would stay and then put my hair in a side low ponytail. i thought it gave me a bit of feminine charm with the wool trousers and oxfords (i know, again with the oxfords). the belt i'm wearing is from a dress i bought a long time ago and have since gotten rid of it. it's strange how i still have the belt. my top is from my very favorite 'manna center' and is an h&m top i got for $2. for realz, guys, i love shopping there.
i took pictures inside today because i looked really bad in all of the outside shots. like, it was strange. i think i was squinting too much and the angle was bad. i don't know but it was hideola.

trousers-vintage , etsy
shirt-thrifted, manna center


Emily. said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.
I really do love yours :D

I loveee this simple but cute outfit :'D

I'm following your blog, of course :))
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Anonymous said...

Love all the pics, that first one is amazing! You nailed the trousers, and like you said, the headwrap adds a feminine touch. You look great!!