Wednesday, February 24, 2010

nautical librarian

ok, so i'm totally changing my layout. just for fun.
is that confusing? let me know.

i am aware that i slightly resemble a librarian today with this outfit. it's just too bad that i'm not wearing my glasses as well.

i had to put my hand in the pocket of my vest because i have not just one but two band-aids on my finger. when i was walking out to the deck to take my pictures, the door wouldn't open and i was pushing and jamming on the handle and i ripped quite a bit of skin off my first finger. it still hurts.

today was gorgeous. cold, but sunny and clear.

hmmm, what else can i talk about? my store is doing really well this month. january was pretty rough so i'm really thankful for the boost that february has given me.

this is actually the third outfit that i put on and took pictures of today. after taking the photos, i wasn't very excited about how i looked. i kept one other set because somehow, when i got them on the computer, they turned out looking better than i thought. but this is what i spent my day in. my nautical librarian outfit. in reality, this vest is so very bright. it's red, but it's the red equivalent of blaze orange. you know, the color that hunters wear so that they don't get shot by another hunter? yep, that's pretty close. for someone who doesn't usually buy clothes that aren't black, navy, brown, and shades thereof, this is a departure. but i'm determined to step out of my chromatically challenged box.

crazy bright vest-vintage, 2 gals junk
belt-thrifted, manna center


Meggstatus said...

THIS is such a good color on you!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! That tangerine color is fantastic :) Is that a locket I spy?

amanda said...

it is a locket! unfortunately i haven't put anything in it yet:(

Chandra/ Modern Day Charm said...


lkfeely said...

you have a great collection of sweaters! i have to agree with everyone else; this color is great on you. and i think i have a scarf in that same 'blaze orange' color. it's bright!

chicfaced said...

I dig the oxfords. I don't understand how some of you ladies do it - buying vintage/thrifted shoes - I always find the like...really worn out pair of payless flip flops. Anyway, I do like the orange sweater...good transitional piece, no?

Lisa said...

The red is gorgeous and I love the tights!

amanda said...

megan, i don't know how many pairs of shoes i buy and then resell because i bought them vintage or thrifted and they didn't fit! i bought three pairs of brown boots before i got it right, two pairs of wedges, and i'm on my second pair of oxfords. yeah, i'm no expert.