Saturday, February 27, 2010


today we hit every thrift store in a 25 mile radius. it was pretty fun. i got a few pieces for the shop and a few things for myself. and the boys got some stuff too.

there were a lot of sales going on this weekend, apparently. i bought a cardigan vest sweater what-have-you for 75% off, which translated to 73 cents. i mean, i've never heard of such a thing before! a pair of shoes for half price, so they were $2. i found a burberry jacket for $6!! i don't know what i'm going to do with it because it's big for me. all i know is that i couldn't possibly let it stay on the rack at goodwill. that would have been a tragedy.

i know this isn't like the best outfit i've ever put together, but it was comfy and worked well with the marathon thrifting we did today. i even wore my glasses. i don't know when this will happen again so i thought i'd let you see them will the getting was good.

the weather was phenomenal! sunny and in the upper 40s and a good breeze. sorry for all of you in new england. i've seen pictures and it doesn't look pretty. well, it looks pretty but i know it's a big pain and that lots of people are without power and are totally snowed in. i just hope that everyone is okay.
boots-vintage, ebay
tights-urban outfitters
shirt-old navy, ebay
belt-vintage, ebay
scarf-urban outfitters


A Thought Is The Blossom said...

i rather like it! i was actually thinking about denim tops today and how i'm gonna have to find me one soon. i wanted to do the same thing today too, get out and thrift just outside of town, but my studio lights arrived and i couldn't wait to put them together. maybe next weekend!

Meggstatus said...

I just love this look. You look so comfy!!! People always look their best is comfortable outfits. STUNNING

cadencesmama said...

Love this look and your blog. I'm a thrifter too =)And do you have any half off goodwills around you? they are the best!!

Anonymous said...

Nice scores!!! Can't wait to see the jacket! You can even make a denim button down look fantastic :) Your glasses are really cute. Maybe I'll show everyone mine someday too. That is a big step though :)

Leproust Vintage said...

This outfit is gorgeously put together!

Thrift store sales are the greatest!! It is insane how cheap things end up being!

chicfaced said...

this outfit is awesome, thrifting marathon or not. And I actually really dig the glasses - no need to keep them hidden!

I'm also going to go ahead and comment on the last post - that poncho! seriously! that poncho is what anthropologie wishes it was, ya know what I mean?

Kimberellie said...

I think this is an awesome outfit! Burberry at the goodwill!! What you have here is an Ebay item! Or you could maybe take it to a tailors to have it altered (what I would do, I could not part with Burberry, I LOVE Burberry).

ps. are you up for being my obsession of the week (ie. blogger of the week)? If you look on my blog you'll see what I mean!