Tuesday, February 16, 2010

feeling 70's

having fun with picnik.com today. i just discovered it, and boy is it the best thing that ever happened to me! it almost looks like i'm a photographer or something. i said almost. i take what i can get.

that is something that is on my 'to do' list for 2010: take better pictures. mine are just horrible. i get so jealous when i look at other people's blogs and they take the loveliest photos. mine always come out blurry, poorly cropped, or have bad lighting. i have a holga but i've only shot one roll of film. i have like 5 more in my fridge just waiting to get used. my digital camera is a cheap point and shoot that does nothing to mask my incompetence. but these didn't turn out so bad!

in case you were wondering, yes i am wearing a denim belt over a denim shirt with black jeans. i don't think it can be considered a canadian tuxedo if the jeans are black, right? i don't know, this could be a big mistake. but really it goes with the curved edges and sepia tone of the pictures. i'm feeling very 'that 70's show.'
jeans-topshop, ebay
shirt-old navy, ebay
belt-vintage, local store
boots-vintage, ebay


tess said...

just found your blog and I love it! you have such great style, love your shirt here. can't wait to see more. would you like to trade links?

megan said...

2 days later and I'm still laughing about your canadian tuxedo comment :P

I think your pics are great!!!! (but thanks for sharing the tip about picnik.) I'm just starting out my blog and trying to understand the logistics around photography too.

Just so you know, your blog has quickly become my favorite, and I just very surprised you have only been up for a short while!!! I love the way you used girls' sweatpants, I've never seen that (and not sure many folks could pull that off). Your vintage/70's/western style is really fabulous, I just adore it.

Best of luck with navigating the photography learnin' :)

~ megan ~

p.s. here is my blog - (transmissionme.blogspot.com) - I have 11 less followers than you :)