Wednesday, February 10, 2010

thigh high

i couldn't decide what photos to post today, so you get to see them all! luckies!

i finally bought some over the knee socks. i've been wanting some but i kept debating with myself whether or not i could pull them off. well, i just did it. i like them. they make me feel a bit naughty and what better time of year to feel naughty than february?! plus, they are really useful in keeping my legs warm on a very cold day.
i also am trying to make my pictures bigger. i'm having a hard time finding the right size to go along with my lower resolution photos. still in the experimentation stage.
i haven't done a very good job of posting where my stuff is from. i've sort of forgotten. apologies all around.
shoes-(you should know by now) vintage from etsy
dress-vintage from a friend and was supposed to go in my shop, oh well:)


Lara said...

Totally understand the low resolution/size of photo thing. Mine is more of a "my cameras sucks" situation. It is just old and never wants to focus properly in the evening light.

amanda said...

yeah, i'm wondering if it's because of the camera, or maybe i edit it too much and so it looks a bit wonky. more experimenting, i guess!

chicfaced said...

i'm afraid i'm gonna continually "save" pieces I find on my thrifting expiditions that are supposed to be for the store. I may have already done it once. oops :)