Friday, April 30, 2010

good for a rainy day

my shirt is made of terry cloth. i really quite love it. it has sweet little stripes and a tie at the waist. i love it's little cap sleeves. and it's perfect on a day when we're supposed to get major storms (i'm hoping they hold off, but the weather man assures me they will not). i just hope that it doesn't soak up all the water!
i am blatantly wearing navy/black/brown all at the same time today. it's funny because i used to think that was such a huge fashion faux pas. not any more. i think navy and black are my favorites to pair together. strange huh?
this morning i had to wake up at a very indecent hour to go running. matt will be out of town over the weekend and i didn't want to risk running for a couple hours in the rain. so i got up at 6:00 (i realize that a lot of you wake up this early on a daily basis, however i do not and i think it's just a ridiculous hour to be up), ate an orange and headed out. i didn't make it as far as i'd hoped because my sinus/allergy crap is back and my head feels like it may explode and i have no energy at lame early hours of the day. oh, well 8 miles isn't too shabby either. i got back before anyone in the house was awake! but now, i'm all showered and ready for the day. and actually my day at the shop started 10 minutes ago so i should probably think about walking down and opening up!
have a lovely friday!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

when nothing else will do

i was having a total outfit block today. i don't know what it was but this was really the best i could come up with. it's warm outside but really windy. i didn't feel like wearing jeans and a skirt was out of the question as was a dress. i wanted to wear this scarf, but didn't want to do shorts with a short sleeve top. so i put on a longsleeve v-neck that i stole from my sister-in-law when she was living with us and pulled on some shorts, add some accessories....whammo. this is what i got. sorry it's not too exciting.
i did go ahead and buy a pair of the cynthia vincent wedges on ebay. gosh, it is just outrageous how much people are charging for those shoes. they are just too adorable and i couldn't get them out of my head. that is the only reason i would subject myself to highway robbery. i just turned a blind eye and clicked 'buy it now.' them things better be all i've dreamed about and more.
alright, girls and boys, i need to get going. don't stop being awesome.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


the sun and warmth have returned! it is so funny how weather truly affects my mood. i am so mean and cranky when it's cold and dreary. my son even told me so.
ok, so i realize that i didn't even talk about my outfit once in my post yesterday. ha! sorry about that. you probably would rather me talk about clothes than my boring yet strange and random life. anyway, this is the shirt i bought at target the other day. i love the feel of the fabric and the little faux studs on the shoulders. to me, it's a little bit rock n roll and a little bit funky retro. i went up a size so that it would be kind of slouchy. and especially since it's a bit slinky (rayon is like that, you know) i didn't want it to cling to me like a long lost relative. my little clutch has some studs on it too and i thought it would be the best compliment to my top. i wish i could use my new camera to show you some of the details of this. the camera i'm using is total crap and won't focus on anything closer than two feet. i'll have to revisit some of these things when my battery comes in and i can use my fancy olympus.
and i am about five minutes away from purchasing the gastly overpriced multi-colored cynthia vincent for target wedges off of ebay. i just can't help it. i dream about them.

jeans-juicy couture

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ms. jingles

the weather obviously thinks it's still winter and i don't like it one bit. 59 degrees for the high?! does it not know that this is the end of april?
on the bright side, i got a clean bill of health from the dentist. no cavities! and i bought a really cute shirt at target to celebrate. matt saw it and i said, 'well, it's cheaper than fillings.' and while i was at target, i checked out the new zac posen line over there. not impressed. anyone else feel that way? there was a tank that i kind of liked but i'm not much of tank top gal.
you know how i bought a super cool fancy camera? well i got it in the mail on friday and i unpacked everything and found out that the battery doesn't keep a charge. i looked around at a couple places but haven't found the right one for the camera so i ordered one online. i can't wait to use it! i'm getting pretty antsy waiting while the camera just stares me in the face wanting to be out and about.
thinking about making a trip to salvation army in a little bit. as long as my shopping partner doesn't have a fit about it :)
shoes-lower east side, ebay
socks-don't remember
shirt-american apparel
necklace-local boutique (it kind of jingles when i move like i'm wearing bells)

Monday, April 26, 2010

as if mondays weren't bad enough

i don't have a lot of time today, because i am running a bit late for a dentist appointment. i hate going to the dentist. i'm almost certain i'll have cavities. i'm due for a filling. and it's really frustrating since matt has perfect teeth. until last year, he'd never had any problems. he had to get a filling one of his wisdom teeth. no one his age still has their wisdom teeth so it didn't even count. he says that going to the dentist is like a day at the spa. he's sick.
so since i have to endure torture, i'm going to treat myself to something nice. not sure what it'll be yet, but rest assured, it will be nice.
thanks for all the congrats from yesterday! i'll have to get the paper so i can see my name and stuff and feel like a local celebrity for a while. my half marathon is in about 3 weeks. i finally signed up for it last night so there is no backing out now. i'm looking forward to it though since i haven't done a big race in a long time since getting injured last fall. ok, seriously, i have to get going. wish me luck!

boots-steve madden, idee geniale
tee-american apparel
scarf-etsy, stolen from matt

Sunday, April 25, 2010


what a busy weekend this was! it was fun though. the festival wasn't a huge success like i had hoped. it rained just about all day yesterday and today was cold and cloudy. i was able to get some good traffic through my shop yesterday afternoon in between rain showers so it wasn't a total let down. and if you follow me on twitter you might have read that i ran a 5k race on saturday morning. the rain stopped just in time for the race to start and began again right after i crossed the finish line. perfect timing. and i ran a personal best and won my age division so i got a medal and all that jazz. it was pretty exciting. i'm not a super fast runner but i guess i was the fastest female aged 25-29. that's the best i could ask for!
the above outfit is from the other day. i just didn't have enough time to take pictures of my outfit from yesterday and today i am just too lazy. i know it's a bit boring but i needed something easy and comfortable to wear when i was getting ready for the festival, making signs and what-not.
shoes-bass, thrifted

Friday, April 23, 2010

and the winner is...

Miskabelle said...

LOVE your style and LOVE this camera! I've been wanting one and pricing them online, but to win one would be even better!!!

Miskabelle Vintage

yay!!!!! you won the camera! now, i will send you an email :) i hope you enjoy it and i want to see pictures!


this is such a big weekend here in siloam springs. it's the dogwood festival and thousands of people descend upon our little town to visit the different vendor booths full of food, crafts, and games. the weather isn't great but already there has been a good turnout. i'm looking forward to the food the most. that and the fantastic sales i will have as a result of the increased crowds. at least that is my hope.
so i have to make this short as i am writing to you in between customers and eating :)
boots-steve madden, shop idee geniale's closet
skirt-vintage jordache, etsy

Thursday, April 22, 2010

denim and floral

i thoroughly enjoyed reading about your poses yesterday! i used to feel really awkward in front of the camera, not knowing what i should do or how to hold my arm, head tilt or no? the list goes on. now i am much more confident and relaxed about it. i am more weird when matt takes my pictures because i'm so used to doing it myself. he does make me laugh though, probably just to help me loosen up.
i am still just thrilled with the response to the giveaway! i can't believe how many of you have commented and how many new people have come to visit me over the last few days. i am completely ecstatic and very thankful. well, that's what the giveaway is for, to show you all my thanks and to share with you all my excitement in doing all this. it's really been a blessing to me and i've 'met' so many new and wonderful people.
alright, enough gushing.
i bought this top at my fav thrift store. it is so comfortable and has such a lovely feel to it. plus i like the pretty floral pattern.
lately, i've been reminding myself of my mom. i think it's my hair. when my mom was my age, she wore her hair similar to the way i wear mine and since that was in the late 70s and early 80s she wore clothes similar to what i wear! i need to have her give me some pictures so i can show you guys. she's a pretty amazing lady.
alright, details:
shoes-lower east side, ebay
jeans-bdg, urban outfitters

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


this outfit is remarkably like the one i wore on sunday. i didn't really realize that until i uploaded the photos. i guess i like this look a lot right now.
i was reading this blog post yesterday that someone linked to on twitter and it was all about fashion bloggers signature poses and stuff. it was really funny because it was just spot on. the writer wasn't trying to be mean or anything, she is a fashion blogger herself. it just made me think about my signature. i do a lot of foot/leg crossing and hand on hip poses. do you guys find that you strike the same looks all the time, or do you vary yours? it's just interesting that we all have our thing. i think it's charming actually.
i am so excited about the response to the giveaway! i had no idea that so many people wanted one of those cameras. i wish i could give away a ton of them to all of you! wouldn't that be fun? i could be like oprah and give away something to all of my readers. of course, if i was oprah i'd have to be giving away cars and flat screen tvs. i don't think a piddly little film camera would cut it.
boots-steve madden, via mel
tee-american apparel
*update* here is the link to that blog post if you're interested!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

wish i was on vacay

i am ready for vacation. problem is, i'm not going anywhere any time soon. boo.
maybe that's why i'm dressed like i'm on vacation. it's not even super hot out. like i had to put on a cardigan because i was a bit chilly. but i just wanted that summer vacation feeling.
but, on a much happier note, i finally bought a nice camera! ever since the one i broke, i've been searching for a dslr that wouldn't bankrupt me. i finally found one yesterday (via ebay, of course). it should be here thursday and i am pretty much beside myself with excitement. i mean, just think of all the crazy camera angles i could explore with the right machinery?! it even comes with a tripod so i don't have to set it up on random stuff and risk the wind blowing it down. do you guys use a remote for taking pictures yourself or a timer? anyway, thursday cannot come fast enough.
and speaking of cameras, if you haven't entered the holga giveaway yet, make sure you don't forget! it ends on friday. tell your friends too. and moms, dads, grandmas, brothers, sisters, co-workers, neighbors, just basically everyone you know.
shorts-thrifted, talbots

Monday, April 19, 2010

sequins are a girls best friend

i hope you guys are enjoying the giveaway! i'm loving reading the comments so far. i had no idea it would be so exciting!
ok, let me must tell you about this top i'm wearing. isn't it fabulous?! one of my very good friends gave it to me because her mom sold her house and wanted to have a garage sale to help get rid of things for the move. well, holly (my friend) said that she just couldn't bear to sell this top for a few bucks out of her garage. it was her mom's in her younger years and holly knew that i would love it. and i do! it's so fun and flirty. i do have to be very careful with it because otherwise beads will fall to the floor. every once in a while i'll hear one drop. i'm gonna have to force matt to take me out on the town so i can wear it in a proper setting.
alright friends, keep the comments coming on the camera and have a wonderful day!
jeans-bdg, urban outfitters
shoes-thrifted, goodwill

yay for giveaways!

the long awaited first giveaway!! ok, so about a year ago, i had this fab idea to start taking cool artsy photos. i bought this holga on ebay and searched for film. i got them all in the mail and was totally gung-ho about getting out and releasing my inner photog. i took one roll. in a year, i went out once to shoot pics and i never even printed them. yeah. so i want to pass this on to someone else who has maybe been thinking of getting into it but needs that extra little push that a free camera and four rolls of film will give. i love the pictures that you get from these cameras. they are so dreamy and moody. i know one of you will do some great work with this. the film is still current, it doesn't expire until 2011 which is pretty cool. sometimes this stuff is hard to find. it is color film, not black and white. and i've kept it in my fridge for the last year so it should be good to go. ok, you have til friday to enter. just leave a comment and a way to contact you (if you don't have a blog) if you are the winner. i will use the next five days to figure out how to use that random counter website thingy that everyone's been using for giveaways. so let the comments begin!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

a better feeling

thanks for your well-wishes yesterday! i am feeling much improved. the weather, however, is not. jeepers, it's cold outside! like mid-50s. it felt like summer just a couple days ago.
did you notice how i was getting fancy with my camera angles? well, attempting at least.
and remember that i will be posting my first giveaway tomorrow. can't wait to show you guys!! i hope it lives up to all the hype i'm throwing at it. you might just be like, whatever lady this isn't as cool as you led on. well i am willing to chance it.
have a wonderful rest of your sunday. i hope it's relaxing. i, for one, may take a nap.
boots-steve madden, bought from idee geniale
shirt-rodarte for target
scarf-leftover fabric from the dress i chopped up to make a shirt.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

just not right

don't be fooled by the fake smile and the demure look. i feel like poo. i won't bore you all with details, but i just do not feel well. and i don't know why the stripes in my shirt are all wonky (probably just taking a cue from my mood) but it's bugging me. for some reason they are squiggly here but not when i have them in preview or iphoto. lame.
i am supposed to be at my second birthday party of the day right now. instead, i took a shower and now i'm on the internet. well, this is my idea of relaxing. of course it doesn't help that it's cold and rainy today. but really, it's even worse for the prom girls who came down to the park by my house for pictures. i hope they have some aqua net in their purse cuz they gonna need it.
oh, and i did a mini update to the etsy store yesterday. go and check it out when you have a spare minute or two.
and i have decided to do a giveaway. i will post it on monday! i'm excited about it. i think it'll be super fun.
shoes-vintage, leproust vintage on etsy

Friday, April 16, 2010

my go-to

i think it's funny how this denim shirt is like my go-to shirt for fridays. i wonder why? maybe it's like the quintessential casual shirt. whatever the reason, i love it and it's comfortable and that's exactly what i need!
i bought these shorts at my favorite thrift store earlier this week. they reminded me so much of the current h&m garden collection so i figured i'd try it out. i don't have an h&m within like 200 miles and i doubt i'll be finding any of the new stuff via a consignment store so i thought this might just be my best bet. and at a dollar, i just couldn't pass it up. i mean, you can't beat that bargain with a stick!
allegedly, we're getting some rain today. i can honestly say i am looking forward to it. which is strange since i hate rain almost any day of the week, but i really want to get rid of some of this pollen!!
this is going to be a fairly busy weekend for us. do you guys have big plans? we'll be attending two birthday parties tomorrow and then having dinner with friends on sunday. plus tonight there's going to be a showing of a film that some kids from the university made that feature both of our cars! it is set in russia in some other time period that escapes me right now and they wanted to have vehicles in it from europe. one evening matt went down to his car and there was a note attached asking if we'd allow them to have our cars in the movie. mine is the bad guys car. i'm so proud.
oh, and i'm thinking of doing a giveaway. i know, i know. everyone does them. but they are fun, are they not? maybe starting monday. i figure i need to thank you guys for hanging out with me, giving me advice, and generally putting up with me even though you are not contractually obligated to do so (like my sweet husband). i'll let you know!!!
shirt-thrifted, old navy