Saturday, April 3, 2010

busy day

so how has everyone's saturday been? mine was busy but super fun. we went over to my parents' house for some easter holiday fun. also, to celebrate a few birthdays. good food and good times. then we drove back to go to matt's sister's house to watch some basketball and eat more good food. i'm not a big b-ball fan, so i am more than happy that this tournament is on it's way out. in fact the game is on right now, which is why i am on the computer. well, i'd be on it anyway probably. i'm coming to the realization that i may have a technology addiction.
i really hope i can show you my easter dress tomorrow. i'm hoping to borrow a camera until i get mine back. we'll see how that goes. but anyway, it's so great. it isn't technically a maxi dress i don't think but it's lovely.
alright, ladies (and dudes if i have any dude readers). i'll see ya later!
skirt-vintage jordache


Jessica said...

That tunic is so lovely! I love your boots too.

I agree about the technology addiction. I'm on here right now because I cant sleep. eeek.

Hope we get to see your Easter dress!

Anonymous said...

Love the way you've re-mixed the tunic! Hope the Easter Bunny brings you a camera :)
~ megan

Lexie said...

i love the layering here! happy easter! have a wonderful day with your family!

Meggstatus said...

Sounds like you had quite a full day of activities! I am so not a sports fan, my neighbors are the guys that watch EVERY SPORT as an excuse to get rowdy and drink beer. And the horrible thing is that every time a season is over and I think I'm in the clear another sport season begins! I can't ever win.

avalonne said...

Can't wait to see your Easter dress!!! In honor of Easter, I cut my hair to look like an Easter egg, hahaha! Happy Easter Amanda! :) Oh I bought a pair of culottes yesterday at Goodwill. Can't wait to show them on my blog :) Woo! 5 bucks!

magpie said...

It always makes me so happy which I find my favorite chictopians on the blogging world!! (following!)

I love all of your outfit posts. So much. Every single one is spot on chic. I love your boots particularly in this post! So cute and I love the little fringe on the side :)

cute skirt- the belt is fabulous :)
you are inspiring to wear my hair up in a pony more often!

Love always,

brooke said...

hey! saw your comment on last boat leaving and thought I'd come visit :) and glad I did, this is such a lovely outfit! especially the belt and the cardi, and your hair - gorgeous!


Annebeth said...

gorgeous pictures with a seventies feel, as always :)

chicfaced said...

oh man. love that your skirt is vintage jordache! like the Spring layering going on...that's always a toughie but you got it just right for sure

Hannah said...

You look lovely! The proportions here are perfect.

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit! So playful and jaunty with the little boots, yet also feminine and pretty :)