Friday, April 23, 2010


this is such a big weekend here in siloam springs. it's the dogwood festival and thousands of people descend upon our little town to visit the different vendor booths full of food, crafts, and games. the weather isn't great but already there has been a good turnout. i'm looking forward to the food the most. that and the fantastic sales i will have as a result of the increased crowds. at least that is my hope.
so i have to make this short as i am writing to you in between customers and eating :)
boots-steve madden, shop idee geniale's closet
skirt-vintage jordache, etsy


Rosie said...

Cute and comfy sweatshirt! Love!

Lisa said...

Love how you styled the sweatshirt!

Dalena Vintage said...

You look so cute and comfy...And also don't mess with me I'm a badass!

Abbey said...

i like how you play up with your top!

yOka said...

those boot are really cute, nice blog

Anonymous said...

Love this sweatshirt with the skirt and boots.. You have this 70s/80s high school vibe going, it is fantastic!!!

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