Wednesday, April 7, 2010


some kind of crazy cold front came through last night. and by cold i mean it isn't 70 degrees. i over-compensated a bit and wore jeans and a long sleeve shirt (hello, it's 64, not 30 and there's barely any wind!) but when i stepped outside i was too into my outfit to want to change. does that ever happen to you? there are days that no matter what, i look horrible. nothing i put on fits right or feels comfortable. but today, in my mind, i look amazing. i know that sounds snooty and like i'm full of myself, but i just feel comfortable yet put together. surely you all have felt like that before. this is a rare occasion. that's why i'm going on and on about it. i took like 8 pictures this morning and had the hardest time narrowing them down! ha! really, i'm not a jerk or anything. i just somehow feel good today.
you know how i took a bunch of etsy photos yesterday? well, i'm redoing them all this afternoon. they didn't turn out well. my hair was in the middle of drying so it was crazy and looked stringy and unkept. i hated them. so hopefully i'll get good ones later.
alright, i hope you all are having a fantastic day and that you feel pretty, because you are.
shoes-thrifted, goodwill
jeans-bdg, urban outfitters


merly k said...

"i hope you all are having a fantastic day and that you feel pretty, because you are"

you are sweeter than pie, and in comparison I feel like the wicked witch. But that's ok because the world needs both of us right? Darling you flaunt those skinny purdy pins proudly. No apologizing for the genes your mama gave you!

Little Ocean Annie said...

oh, beautiful lady! I hope your pictures come out better today! I love this top!

Meggstatus said...

I feel like this all the time. If I want to wear an outfit nothing with stop me!

I really like this on you, simple and sweet.

Oh and I wore shorts under my dress, I would have been subject to indecent exposure if I didn't (and I'm not that much of an adventurist!)

Lexie said...

that button down looks so comfortable!

Kimberellie said...

Yes, you do look perfect. So your feelings are totally justified. LOVELY. :-)

Jessica said...

Yes! I know exactly what you mean. Some days no matter what you put on it just isn't right, and some days the first thing you put on feels perfect.

You have every right to feel that way though...this is super chic. I love the double denim look!

~HM~ said...

I absolutely love this perfect casual and laid back look. So cute!

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

The best thing is finding an outfit that makes you feel fantastic AND feeling really comfortable. You look awesome!

avalonne said...

I absolutely adore this outfit. It's so simple and chic! I adore it. I put a loose shirt, rolled up sleeves and skinny jeans is the simplest outfit that looks so cool! I adore it! Love the sunglasses too!

Sometimes I don't care what the weather is like... I'll dress the way I want!


Love love ur outfits and how you've put everything together ;)