Monday, April 26, 2010

as if mondays weren't bad enough

i don't have a lot of time today, because i am running a bit late for a dentist appointment. i hate going to the dentist. i'm almost certain i'll have cavities. i'm due for a filling. and it's really frustrating since matt has perfect teeth. until last year, he'd never had any problems. he had to get a filling one of his wisdom teeth. no one his age still has their wisdom teeth so it didn't even count. he says that going to the dentist is like a day at the spa. he's sick.
so since i have to endure torture, i'm going to treat myself to something nice. not sure what it'll be yet, but rest assured, it will be nice.
thanks for all the congrats from yesterday! i'll have to get the paper so i can see my name and stuff and feel like a local celebrity for a while. my half marathon is in about 3 weeks. i finally signed up for it last night so there is no backing out now. i'm looking forward to it though since i haven't done a big race in a long time since getting injured last fall. ok, seriously, i have to get going. wish me luck!

boots-steve madden, idee geniale
tee-american apparel
scarf-etsy, stolen from matt


Charlie said...

wishing you good luck for the appointment, at least you look great while being tortured!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

i liked going to the dentist when i had braces because they cant really do anything except clean your teeth ... now that my braces are off and they can actually poke around ... it's the WORST!

Little Ocean Annie said...

Luck!! I was just saying last night I am way overdue for a dentist visit, but it bums me out to even think about!

Rosie said...

Mondays and the dentist suck. Ugh, sorry that both land on the same day. You look great, dear!

Kimberellie said...

This is a very cool look. Love the rise on those pants. Oh, and I am sorry about the dentist. I have the same problem: husband with perfect teeth (grrrrr).


Anonymous said...

loooooove your boots. hate the dentist, too.

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Lucy Marmalade said...

Hope the dentist wasn't TOO painful! At least you look cute :)

Amanda said...

My dentist sent me a reminder the other month saying how I need to come in...but I quickly threw it away! I know I have a cavity and the last place I want to go is there, because I don't know if it's more painful to have this cavity, or to have them tear at my gums and all that mean stuff they do!

Anonymous said...

At least you look so badass that he won't try any funny moves with those dental tools :)

Seriously, great outfit, I love how you tucked the skinnies into those awesome boots!!

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Anonymous said...

looove your boots, amazing outfit! (:

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i followed your blog from chictopia - again, i love the boots.

Lisa said...

Your boots are adorable!