Monday, April 19, 2010

sequins are a girls best friend

i hope you guys are enjoying the giveaway! i'm loving reading the comments so far. i had no idea it would be so exciting!
ok, let me must tell you about this top i'm wearing. isn't it fabulous?! one of my very good friends gave it to me because her mom sold her house and wanted to have a garage sale to help get rid of things for the move. well, holly (my friend) said that she just couldn't bear to sell this top for a few bucks out of her garage. it was her mom's in her younger years and holly knew that i would love it. and i do! it's so fun and flirty. i do have to be very careful with it because otherwise beads will fall to the floor. every once in a while i'll hear one drop. i'm gonna have to force matt to take me out on the town so i can wear it in a proper setting.
alright friends, keep the comments coming on the camera and have a wonderful day!
jeans-bdg, urban outfitters
shoes-thrifted, goodwill


Lucy Marmalade said...

What a great beaded top! Is it heavy? Those skinny jeans fit you to a T, too.

Meggstatus said...

You're right this top is perfect, and your shoes are super cute too!

JSotiriou said...

first time i ever visit your blog and i have to admit, too bad I didnt visit it before :D
so minimalistic/retro/vintage/artistic !

definitely following you, no second thoughts :D

n.a said... look it

Amanda said...

That top is amazing! I love beaded clothing, especially when it's vintage or handmade. You look fabulous as always :]

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, love the top! It is so flapperish - just gorgeous!!

transmission me

Kelly Lauren said...

You're so cute and I'm loving that top! Those shoes remind me of my borns and that is awesome because you thrifted those and thats cool. haha also, I love your giveaway idea! Honestly, I'm not going to enter because I already have a holga and film (in my fridge haha) and I would feel bad if I won because, that's just silly! But I wanted you to know it's an awesome idea and super cool! love.

merly k said...

I think the blog world needs some more close ups of your purdy face. I mean yaya the clothes are once again perfect, but we need to see the woman BEHIDN the garments. ;)

Ernie said...

So I have been on your blog for about 2 minutes, and am officially a follower! It's been awhile since I've started following a new one, as I already get terribly behind as it is, but I am really digging your style! This is an incredible look, I love the simplicity of it :]

Kimberellie said...

This top makes me happy times ten. I will steal it when I get a chance.

Rosanna said...

i love your top!