Thursday, April 22, 2010

denim and floral

i thoroughly enjoyed reading about your poses yesterday! i used to feel really awkward in front of the camera, not knowing what i should do or how to hold my arm, head tilt or no? the list goes on. now i am much more confident and relaxed about it. i am more weird when matt takes my pictures because i'm so used to doing it myself. he does make me laugh though, probably just to help me loosen up.
i am still just thrilled with the response to the giveaway! i can't believe how many of you have commented and how many new people have come to visit me over the last few days. i am completely ecstatic and very thankful. well, that's what the giveaway is for, to show you all my thanks and to share with you all my excitement in doing all this. it's really been a blessing to me and i've 'met' so many new and wonderful people.
alright, enough gushing.
i bought this top at my fav thrift store. it is so comfortable and has such a lovely feel to it. plus i like the pretty floral pattern.
lately, i've been reminding myself of my mom. i think it's my hair. when my mom was my age, she wore her hair similar to the way i wear mine and since that was in the late 70s and early 80s she wore clothes similar to what i wear! i need to have her give me some pictures so i can show you guys. she's a pretty amazing lady.
alright, details:
shoes-lower east side, ebay
jeans-bdg, urban outfitters


Amelia said...

ooh such a lovely floral top! and lots of non-awkaward poses ( a skill i must learn to master). and your hair is such a perfect length.

from amelia of La Ville Inconnue

Meggstatus said...

These jeans fit you like a glove!

megannielsen said...

Love this whole outfit, but I'm especially obsessed with the shoes! Meanwhile, I know what you mean about your mom. My mom is a huge fashion inspiration for me... I'm really obsessed with the 70's at the moment

Anonymous said...

3 megans in a row, how does your garden grow LOL

Great floral top!! I really want to see pics of your mom, that would be so fun! I will dig up some of mine too. She had the raddest clothes (to steal your word).

leanne said...

i love that blouse! it looks so cozy... that would be so great to see photos of your mom, and the resemblance. everyone tells me i look like my mom, too!

Lucy Marmalade said...

The proportions of this outfit make your legs look a million miles long. Love!

Destined For Now said...

You do look confident in your pictures. They look great!

Rosie said...

I love the simpleness of this! I want those jeans and those shoes!

Marie Z. said...

I love your top!