Friday, April 9, 2010


first off, thanks so much for listening to me ramble yesterday. i totally appreciate that you choose to visit me everyday and put up with my crazy. you guys are the best!
second, i invite you all to go to acute angle to check out the culottes that angel bought from me. she looks amazing in them! you should see the total fab wedges she wore. i am a bit jealous of them but am so fantastically happy that she is enjoying those awesome culottes.
third, i want to thank last boat leaving and sophiasa for giving me the sunshine award!! i'm so overwhelmingly flattered that you ladies extended that honor to me and i will pass it on soon i promise!
fourth, i don't know. i guess i don't have a fourth.
fifth, the weather was wonderful today. and it's just going to get better. i love that stuff.
i wish i had cooler stuff to talk about today but i must have said all that was important yesterday. so have a great friday night!
shirt-thrifted, old navy
boots-mel, steve madden


Lisa said...

you pull off the jean jacket look so well! ps: i left an award for you on my blog.

sophiasa said...

You're welcome!! =) I love your boots, the color of them is perfect!

Meggstatus said...

I love that you post just as many outfit's as I do!

You look fabulous as always. I want to go to your store!

Lexie said...

the colors of this look go so well with your antique-style photographs! i love it!

kate maggie said...

This skirt is perfect and that jean jacket is my favorite! You are too cute. x


Great style,great blog ;)

magpie said...

This is flawless. YOU are flawless!!! I love those boots and the floral print with that shirt is AMAZING. I'm seriously so in love with this!

Amanda said...

I lovelovelove that skirt! And especially your boots :]

Anonymous said...

Love the chambray shirt with this skirt and boots, it looks kind of urban cowgirl, looks fabulous on you!!! So glad someone picked up those gorgeous culottes, they are so amazing. I also love the kneeling shots, they show off your pretty face :)

Have a great weekend Sunshine!!