Thursday, April 1, 2010


hey, guys! i feel as though i've been totally absent from blogging even though i haven't really. i just haven't had time to comment on all your blogs over the last couple of days. but rest assured, i read every one of your comments. thanks, by the way. i've really appreciated the feedback you've given me about my camera and the outfit i wasn't crazy about. i do love that skirt though:)
i will hopefully get back tomorrow to commenting tomorrow. i really do love to visit all of you and 'talk' with you through our little blog world we have created and live in.
this is actually an outfit i wore a while ago. since the unfortunate demise of my camera i have had to resort to the outtakes! this was just a casual, hanging out outfit, nothing special. it was comfy though.
i should be getting my camera situation fixed in the next couple of days. and i will most definitely invest in a tripod!
shoes-leproust vintage


~HM~ said...

I love this look! Perfectly lovely and casual. So cute!

HelloKorin said...

I am a perfect sucker for a good cowl-neck sweater. And I absolutely adore your shoes, and that headband! Gorgeous.

c o t e said...

omg, i love all your post, from all the cloth you wear.
have a great weekend :)

Jessica said...

Oh, I love the shoes! So cool that they're Leproust Vintage - I love Kristin!

Anonymous said...

Great back-up shots!! Hope you are enjoying your company.. Mine is here (my 11-year old niece) and we are having a blast. Good luck with the camera hunt!

~ megan

kate maggie said...

I love those shoes so much! You look so good! :)

Lexie said...

i love the cowl neck top! and the t-straps! great look.

leahf said...

I love this outfit.

avalonne said...

Oh those sandals are soooo cute! Take close ups on details like that next time, I think that would be great. You, my dear, are awesome!!! I hope your camera gets fixed and woo, a tripod would be very helpful indeed. I usually ask my boyfriend to photograph me, but sometimes he's not around, so I end up not taking outfit posts... bad and sad.

Yeah I love nonconformity, but at the end of the day, we are surrounded by conformity and influenced by what is popular and consumerist. I'm going to blog about that sometime and see what everyone thinks :)

Happy Easter Amanda!