Saturday, April 17, 2010

just not right

don't be fooled by the fake smile and the demure look. i feel like poo. i won't bore you all with details, but i just do not feel well. and i don't know why the stripes in my shirt are all wonky (probably just taking a cue from my mood) but it's bugging me. for some reason they are squiggly here but not when i have them in preview or iphoto. lame.
i am supposed to be at my second birthday party of the day right now. instead, i took a shower and now i'm on the internet. well, this is my idea of relaxing. of course it doesn't help that it's cold and rainy today. but really, it's even worse for the prom girls who came down to the park by my house for pictures. i hope they have some aqua net in their purse cuz they gonna need it.
oh, and i did a mini update to the etsy store yesterday. go and check it out when you have a spare minute or two.
and i have decided to do a giveaway. i will post it on monday! i'm excited about it. i think it'll be super fun.
shoes-vintage, leproust vintage on etsy


avalonne said...

Aww cheer up Amanda! It's okay if the stripes are a little squiggly, it's not so bad!!! Ahhh poo the rain! Hope it stops soon! I hope your weekend gets better. I like your shoes, you know what? I love this outfit!!! Terribly chic!

Lisa said...

sorry you aren't feeling well. I really like this outfit, you look so cute!

brooke said...

aw cool giveaway! yeah stripes never seem to photograph straight. I even failed with dots on today's post, couldn't make them stay still :(

and yay for a giveaway!


Amanda said...

Hey, I was just letting you know that I'm tagging you in my "Looks I Love" Sunday post! Hope it's okay :]

Sorry that you're not feeling well, I bet this weather didn't help at all.

kate maggie said...

hey sweetness I hope that you feel better soon. on a happier note though, you rock the fake smile very well and you look lovely. I love the jeans and shirt. chin up buttercup! x

Kimberellie said...

Love this look. The pants and the shoes: perfection. Also, the stripes are squiggly because the pics are small. With small pics on computer monitors stripes do that (why I do not know). If you click on them and look at them big (which I just did) you will see they do not look squiggly.

heart: ME

and sorry about the bad mood. If it makes you feel any better: me too! me too!

amanda said...

i never reply via comment because i don't think anyone would ever read it and blah blah blah but i'm going to now anyway. you guys are so fabulous. i feel bad and you guys lift me up, i ramble on and you guys listen. how wonderful are you?!?! thanks!

Rosie said...

Cheer up buttercup! you look lovely!

sharonlei said...

HI Amanda! :) Just found your blog. What great outfits you put together... This outfit is so chic! I love it.

xx Love & Aloha

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Anonymous said...

I love how you tucked in a button down into skinnies, it looks fabulous!! You rock girl, in so many ways :)

calivintage said...

ooh do i love this simple look. i'm sorry you didn't feel good that day, but at least you looked great!

leanne said...

wow... i really love this outfit, and sorry you felt like poo! that's no good.

acute angle said...

I LOVE outfits like this!! You have an amazing figure~!!~ You make wearing high rise skinnies look easy!!