Thursday, December 13, 2012

monday night football

i still can't believe i was there.  really.  i saw a patriots game at gillette stadium in foxboro??  on monday night???  and the patriots totally dominated?????!!!!  i couldn't ask for a better game than i saw on december 10, 2012.  i know so many of you don't care that much, but for me....the most spectacular night of my life.  we took the train from back bay to foxboro.  it was an hour of standing room only (yeah we were the ones standing) transit to the stadium and then we were running late.  i felt like everything was in slow motion getting there and then the moment the train stopped and we all piled out, it was like herding cattle.  i couldn't get there fast enough.  it was surreal: the lights, the atmosphere, the sites and sounds.  the opening drive went for a touchdown.  i was in heaven. it was supposed to rain all night.  but not a drop fell.  i think it was magic.  no it WAS magic.  there is no way i could've asked for a more spectacular night.  even these few days later, i can't grasp the fact that i was really there!  

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