Wednesday, April 28, 2010


the sun and warmth have returned! it is so funny how weather truly affects my mood. i am so mean and cranky when it's cold and dreary. my son even told me so.
ok, so i realize that i didn't even talk about my outfit once in my post yesterday. ha! sorry about that. you probably would rather me talk about clothes than my boring yet strange and random life. anyway, this is the shirt i bought at target the other day. i love the feel of the fabric and the little faux studs on the shoulders. to me, it's a little bit rock n roll and a little bit funky retro. i went up a size so that it would be kind of slouchy. and especially since it's a bit slinky (rayon is like that, you know) i didn't want it to cling to me like a long lost relative. my little clutch has some studs on it too and i thought it would be the best compliment to my top. i wish i could use my new camera to show you some of the details of this. the camera i'm using is total crap and won't focus on anything closer than two feet. i'll have to revisit some of these things when my battery comes in and i can use my fancy olympus.
and i am about five minutes away from purchasing the gastly overpriced multi-colored cynthia vincent for target wedges off of ebay. i just can't help it. i dream about them.

jeans-juicy couture


Anonymous said...

The weather completely controls my mood, too. Please tell me by "son" you really mean "dog"?!?! You're so slim--I can't believe you've had a baby!

This is my favorite look of yours yet. It's so retro and chic. You really look amazing.

Melanie @Unravelled Threads
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Emma Clark said...

Loving your retro 70s vibe.

Hope you get your camera sorted soon - that must be so frustrating.

Rosie said...

Those jeans are too cool for school!

Kimberellie said...

Love this look. You are so cool. Also, love to hear about your life (I always love to read about other people's lives-guess I'm a creeper that way!). But I also love reading about your outfits too!

Starr Crow said...

these jeans have such a retro feel to them, i can't believe they're juicy couture. also, i'm drooling over your clutch right about now!

Second Skin said...

Oh goodness! I like you in this outfit so much! Something I was thinking about, We met on Chictopia right? and you went under a different name, did indoor shots and always looked at the floor? Hair back most of the time? Is this right?? its like in my head that was you but you changed your appearance and name (sort of) and avatar and everything and this whole time I have thought that that was you (And I remember thinking when I saw you there Oh MY, this girl needs to post more, she has SO much Potential!) Please stop me if I have you completely mixed up with another Amanda and if I do I will be Mortified. But if it is you, Wow. I thought you were so cool then and you are like a freaking rock star to me now. You have just seemed to change so much. I mean you are the one who lives in the reconstructed warehouse right? The one who won my first half naked give away? All of this is you right? I am sorry to sound so daft. I hope this comment is not supremely offending you. I just feel confused right now. Apparently.

Anonymous said...

Love the stud-on-stud action going on :) Just kidding. I love the outfit, I just adore those jeans, they look so fabulous on you! I'm looking forward to seeing your new camera shots!!!

ErumQue said...

i love your jeans!

avalonne said...

Whoa those wide legged jeans are from Juicy Couture? I wore my wide legged jeans on Monday! I should wear them more often, they're so comfy! :) I need a pair of summer wedges, must hunt for the perfect pair :)