Thursday, April 8, 2010

a day in the life

earlier today, this top was a dress. it was long, came to about mid-calf on me which is the worst length on the planet for us gals with large calves. it had a full skirt that was lined with this lovely flesh colored polyester mess. it was a great dress and i thought i'd just shorten it to above my knee and have a pretty boho dress to wear. well, i just wasn't feeling it. i wasn't feeling any outfit i put on today (what happened to the magnum of yesterday?). so on a whim i decided to rip out the lining and chop this poor thing into a tunic. i really love it like this.
i'm feeling rambly today so bear with me.
while running this morning i almost got attacked by a goose. he made this horrible noise, put his head down, and started after me. it's a good thing i do speedwork, because i left that dude in the dust.
you know how i told you in my 10 things post that i like to take baths every night? well, more specifically i like to read while soaking. anyhoo, i was all done and i put my book on the metal shelf thingy that goes across the tub. i'm usually very careful with my books around water. i apparently didn't reach far enough and my book went splash. so sad. now it's all puffed up and wrinkley. at least i can still read it.
and yesterday while i was taking etsy photos (take two) my sweet little boy had a monster nose bleed on the living room rug. he thought that if you lean over and let it all drip out that would be the best. sigh.
sorry about all that. i'm sure it was all a bit too much. please don't unfollow me. i had my first unfollow yesterday and it kinda bummed me out. i'm sure they'll be more (like this afternoon). details:
jeans-seven for all mankind
shoes-lower east side, ebay


HelloKorin said...

Aw, poor baby! My sister used to get terrible nose bleeds when she was younger. And I love that you cut up your dress! I wish I was that brave.

acute angle said...

ahhh... those days!! you look great!! and we HATE that unfollower! ps... my cullottes came today!! AAAHHH! I'm wearing them tomorrow! YES!


Meggstatus said...

You wear jeans very well.

Goose are scary animals, I would be scared to death of one was chasing me!

magpie said...

You are cute!!

I love the tunic- and although I can see it being an adorable dress- it is FANTASTIC as a shirt! I love the floral on the denim with your shoes :) The whole look is wonderful!

eep. geese. scary!!

Lexie said...

AWW! i 'm so sorry about your baby boy's nosebleed! :(

and i like what you did with the dress-turned-tunic!

avalonne said...

I like your sandals/wedges!

Attacked by a goose? Whoa!!! Birds can be vicious! Crazy. Why did someone unfollow you? Weird. Sad face, don't worry about it, you'll have new followers! :) Cheer up!

Emma Clark said...

Loving your shoes and the new tunic. Good call on being brave and cutting it up.

Having a bad day is so awful, especially when it's one thing after another. Keep telling yourself that things can only get better.

brooke said...

oh don't worry about the unfollow - people are weird like that. and you just gained me as a follower, I'm worth 10 other followers :P haha.
thats quite funny about the goose, lucky you can run though, I would've been killed! haha.

love this outfit, especially the shoes!


Anonymous said...

Lame!!!! Hope today is better for you. I wouldn't even know if someone unfollowed me. Do you get notified or something?

You cut that dress to the perfect length. You are an artist with those scissors!

Amanda said...

If it makes you feel any better, I got attacked my a giant grasshopper in my car yesterday. While I was driving. I think I almost got in a wreck trying to get it out!

Kimberellie said...

So awesome about the top/dress! You are so creative! You are making me see thrifting in a whole new light--and looking good while doing it! Also, don't be surprised if you your shoes go "missing".

idée_géniale said...

If you're ever thinking of getting rid of those sandals, I know a gal in brooklyn thats that same size and will take them off your feet.gladly.

Don't worry, I get unfollowers everyday. they were probably anonymous peeps that aren't serious into blogging, well, thats what I tell myself anyways.

Anonymous said...

Great outfit! Loving the shoes. <3

-Dyanna Pure

Anonymous said...

ohhhh now this is a CUTE look! I've been looking for a top of that style to wear with a belt.
Great shoes too!