Friday, April 29, 2011

you're the inspiration-outfit favorites

it's no secret (at least i don't think it is, anyway) that i am obsessed with all things denim right now. here are some of my favorite outfits incorporating that most versatile of materials.
ringo have a banana
orchid grey
concrete catwalk mom2
kasia belhadri
the snail and the cyclops
la vie en clothes
la vie en clothes who i inadvertently stole an outfit from :)


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aww they all look so cute. I like those pants' pocket at the bottom. so cute!!!

jessie said...

MEEPS!!! my mom, the style icon! lol... isn't she sassy? maybe someday i'll do a whole post of her vintage style shots, because it seems like every photo was more fabulous than the last. thanks for posting, i can't wait to show her!!!

Jo said...

<3 I love love love the unicorn embroidery! Amazing!


Kristin said...

they are definitely cool girls with loads of style!