Monday, April 18, 2011

cabin number 5

friday afternoon we packed up riesling and drove to the lake for a few days of relaxing, fire building, grilling, and card playing. it was an extremely good time.
our humble abode for the weekend. she don't look like much, but she sure kept us cozy.
mike and kari roasting some 'mallows after dinner on friday.
saturday morning after breakfast, we drove into town and went to the fayetteville farmers market. it was packed (and cold), but we ran into some other friends while we were there.
we had lunch and did some thrifting in town, then picked up a few more groceries for dinner and headed back to the homestead. it finally warmed up a bit so we got out the bocce set for some lawn games.
this is probs my favorite pic of the whole weekend. the boys went out gathering kindling for the grill with scotch in hand.
our cabin was right next to the walking trail. we never went walking.
and some grilled potatoes with our breakfast on sunday morning before heading out of the wilderness and back to reality.
we had a great time, made loads of memories, and cracked lots of jokes. the best party is sharing it with friends :)


KristiMcMurry said...

looks like you had a blast! It's always nice to get a little retreat away from the rest of the world :)

Anonymous said...

I am always so jealous of how nice the weather appears to be in your world.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

oh wow that is fun! I want to go!! hehe. Seems like a great time to spend with friends.

Anonymous said...

Looks like such a great time. I'm not a huge camping fan, but I think I could do this!

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veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

this looks like SO much fun! we have a cabin in the poconos and believe me, your cabin looks like a palace compared to ours. and mmm, grilled potatoes and wine, my kind of meal.

CAITLIN said...

awww looks like so much fun!! i can't wait until it gets warm enough around here for camping excursions with friends :)

Coury Combs said...

Looks SOOOOO fun!
And I love that elephant skirt down below. :)

Kimberellie said...

Looks like a TON of fun. I really heart reading your blog Amanda! It makes me happy. I thought you should know this. Thanks for making me happy!

Also, this post makes me excited for the day when all the Furnell babies are Furnell children. Mind you, we have already gone camping with our son, and it is fabulous. ;-)

Robyn said...

Nothing bonds friends more than lighting marshmallows on fire together. true story.

Anonymous said...

what an awesome weekend! i love camping and cabins and all things related. we have a little state park close to my town that i have been begging the boy to visit ever since the weather has warmed up! and matilda is looking adorable in that elephant skirt! kudos to the lucky gal that snatched it up! :)

islabell said...

oh that looks like a perfect weekend. A cabin with friends, thrifting, scotch and grilled potatoes for breakfast (genius!)



this looks like such a lovely weekend. getting away for some relaxing time with good food, good drink and good company is always so nice. xo.

Sophi said...

It looks like you are really having a blast! I think it's so great that you and your husband still enjoy times with friends and apparently follow your passions--your store and your house, for starters--even though you have a child. I think people compromise their dreams when they have kids sometimes, and it's really inspiring to see that you can, at least to some extent, have it all :)