Friday, April 15, 2011

four eyes

has anyone else been suffering spring allergies? i woke up yesterday morning with my eyes sealed shut with goop. i know, delightful. so, i was forced to wear my glasses :( and because i'm a big tuff girl, i NEVER take medicine for my allergies. i just spend 2 weeks every april in misery. i get that from my dad.
i am soooo pumped because we are heading out this afternoon for a weekend in the great outdoors! and by that i, of course, mean we're staying in a cabin with beds and a bathroom and kitchen. but there will be a fire in the evenings OUT OF DOORS. we gotta make it authentic somehow. i propose we roast some 'mallows. but anywho, we're going with friends and it's expected to be some pretty good times. i hope to have super fun pics to show next week.
notice my silly boy in the background? he was fighting imaginary bad guys while i was taking photos. don't you feel much safer knowing my 6 year old is out there ridding our streets of crime?
well, i wear most of this stuff ALL THE TIME so i'm sure you already know :)
bag-vintage coach, i finally got one. YAY!!!!!!


U U N A said...

Oh I adore that cardigan! It really is such a pretty color. Outdoors! I'm jealous. Even if it's not real camping ha ha

Melanie said...

Your style of camping is a lot more rugged than any camping I do. Roughing it to me is staying at a Holiday Inn Express! Have fun and enjoy those marshmallows.

PS I've been looking for a Coach like the one you have but I've only come across fakes in the thrift shops I've been too.

nicole said...

I love that little triangle print... and your hair is all kinds of awesome. Enjoy your time at the cabin in the woods! Jealous! xo.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

haha you're like me. i fight things big time when I am sick or whatever and don't like taking medicine but sometimes for the sake of being comfortable, it is worth it, you know? I think with an issue like yours it might be!
You're great.

Rach is Ordinarily Urbane said...

Have so much fun in the woods! With a bathroom and beds is how I like to camp, too :) And you're not along on the allergy thing, I too would rather just suck it up for 2 weeks. Good thing your glasses are super cute!! xo

claradevi said...

I want your cardigan!
Looks so comfy and pretty on you.
Too bad we don't have spring here...
Tropical country... *sigh*
Seems like you took the photos in a very nice surrounding. I wanna be there!

Anonymous said...

You can't possibly wear that sweater too much!

<3 Cambria

Mariña " La Marquesa" said...

love how you look with glasees :)

Catherine said...

Oh, it looks so warm where you live! I love your dress, the pattern is great!

Zoë said...

One of these days that sweater will be mine. OH it will be mine.

And thank the little guy for beating up the bad guys for us. Chivalry is not dead.

--> also, wouldn't you think that outside and such is not the best place for a goop-eyed gal such as yourself? Just sayin' :)

And congrats on the bag. I love that it's black!


Think Twice Style said...

Every time you wear this dress I fall in love with it again!

Alysa Kimiko said...

i love it all! you look so effortless (as usual)! Definitely smell ya (or not) on the allergies, i get it from my dad too and it's the pits!

Jennyboo said...

Loving your whole outfit! The print dress with that orange cardigan are really a wonderful combination for the Spring. And yes, allergies are killing me right now. I had to wear my glasses last week because I couldn't wear my contacts. May the pollen leave quickly!

The Daily Fashionista said...

Holy Crap!!! You look like my mom in those glasses from when she was 22! I swear to god I just died! Same hair cut, similar glasses, same face. I never saw it before, until you put on the glasses. Hopefully I didn't creep you out with that, but it was just sort of crazy. I even showed my husband first to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Anywho, now that I'm over the shock, I'll go ahead and comment on your outfit, which is uber cute. Have a great time on your weekend trip:)

archives said...

ohhhh CABINS! my most favorite. hope youre having a wonderful time!!!! xoxoxoxoxo