Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a fine day for boat shoes

as i'm typing this at 8:00 monday night, IT IS NO LONGER RAINING!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!! so very happy :)
today was pretty much a washout. these pics were taken when it was sprinkling before i went out to the grocery (which is why my hair is a bit cray-cray from the extra moisture in the air). we have to park riesling under a carport across the street because she's got a bit of a leak problem. rain gets in through the sunroof and pools along the floorboards. cool, huh? i love her anyway.
and what better day than a rainy day to pull out the ol' boaters. man i love these shoes. i had a pair similar when i was a wee lass but i never knew how to twirl the laces. these came pre-twirled. that makes my heart glad.
shirt-vintage, girl brought it into my shop
jacket-a different girl brought this to my shop
jeans-topshop moto, ebay
shoes-bass boaters, reanimated rags, etsy
bag-vintage, thrift
car-1983 mercedes benz 300d


KristiMcMurry said...

booooo rain!!! (and tornadoes and canes and quakes).

I'm glad it's finally stopped for you guys. We have two more days of storms, but clear skies after that! I love your boat shoes. I've never seen laces twirled like that. I like it!

Nicole said...

Totally remember having shoes like that with twirled laces! A friend did mine when I got them, and I never changed it :) Wow, such memories, good times!!

archives said...

its been raining FOREVER! at least thats how it feels....i need some boaters like yours! :)

Mrs Vintage said...

Great shoes^^ I want one as well!

Btw, I have my 1st giveaway in my blog, hope you are interested to join XD


Carys said...

I love these photos, your shirt and high waisted trousers are so nice, and the car makes the perfect prop!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Emma said...

Ohh, I wish it would stop raining here. This weather is crazy. I feel ya when it comes to the hair. My hair has been going insane with all this humidity. I love that outfit, super adorable. I really like the shoes.

Jennyboo said...

Glad to hear the rain is gone, and hopefully it stays gone! I love the simplicity of your outfit. It looks classics yet also very comfortable. Love your style!

Anonymous said...

how DO you twirl the laces?

Eleanor said...

You have already made me want an 1980's mercedes, then you go and taunt me like this.


Anonymous said...

Argh. I just wrote a huge comment and stupid blogger deleted it. But basically I said: I love everything about this outfit, esp your cray cray hair. :)

Kelly Lauren said...

you are the cutest! love those jeans on you, and that vintage tote is awesome! I love stuff like that. Great shirt too. love it all! you 70s babe you

Rach is Ordinarily Urbane said...

Reisling is still a gorgeous gal, regardless of that silly 'ol rain! And I love the way you tied those cute little boaters :)

Kimberellie said...

GREAT shoes! Love that one close up of you! You are so cute/cool. I try to be cute/cool...but I usually just end up cute. Ah, well, there are much more dismal alternatives!

heart: K

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I like that you wear a lot of pants because it makes you stand out more from the other bloggers and that is quite lovely, I think. You really look amazing. glad it stopped raining for you for this shoot.