Wednesday, April 13, 2011

easy breezy

p o
easy day. breezy day.
tuesday was that kinda day.
the sun was bright and warm.
it was great.
p o
and i love how one purchase can determine 50 more after it. how one thing can set the tone for a season. how one bag can inspire an entire wardrobe. that's this tote bag. seriously. it's the best thing ever. and i love how i am able to freshen up my closet with it and even go in a new direction with my style because of it.
and there are some really awesome things on the horizon. i am just so happy right now :)
p o
p o
p o
shirt-thrifted new york and company
jeans-vintage jordache via ebay
belt-from the lovely kim at pineapple mint
shoes-thrifted cole haan


CAITLIN said...

firstly, you have this seventies style down PAT. perfection. you just look so fresh and tan and relaxed like a freebird. and that bag is seriously amazing.

i'm glad you're feeling so happy :) i look forward to hearing about your awesome things!

Between Laundry Days said...

I'm so happy that you're happy! It's been so obvious in your posts lately that things are going well for you, and I love that! And seriously, what a find in that bag. It is quintessentially "Amanda" and I love it. :)

KristiMcMurry said...

still SO jealous of this bad. It's so perfect...honestly seeing it on your blog has affected my own style. I've been gravitating toward those geometric patterns lately.

Desiree said...

I love that - one item being the jumping point of so many other great things. This bag is fantastic! And those jeans? You are rocking the hell out of them! I feel like you pull them off so effortlessly, I wish I could do that with that style.

islabell said...

im so happy your are still so inlove with that bag after you wanted it for so long.

you look lovely....i'd say classy casual....if thats a thing?!


U U N A said...

that bag really is gorgeous though. i love it. buuut all the others like it cost so much ): sigh

archives said...

i LOVE that bag and want to see where it takes you and your wardrobe!!!!!

Ana - Better in Sepia said...

Love this outfit!! I love the relaxed fit of the shirt and the jeans, and the awesome bag (of course) and how it matches your necklace!

Robyn said...

I kind of want to be you in these photos. Not in a creepy "single white female" way though. Just in a, can I borrow your whole outfit kind of way. See, much less creepy.

lauren said...

that bag is killin' me sister. killin' me. you look very cool.