Monday, April 25, 2011

wild weekend

what a weekend we had!! yikes.
k, so this was friday. it started out beautiful! warm and sunny, i even got to sun myself out on the deck in the afternoon. i was actually a little too hot to wear this long sleeve shirt. just delicious.
then came the storms. we were on our way to a friends house in tulsa (1.5 hour away), and got about 5 minutes down the road when the tornado sirens went off. awesome. the sky looked CRAZY SCARY. the wall cloud was right in front of us. we turned around to come back home, and thankfully, the worst of the weather went just north of us. but this pic was right as the storm was passing.
this was the gorgeous ride over to tulsa. the sky was golden and the setting sun made the prettiest streaks in the sky. behind us, there was another storm, but our drive was rain free.
we met our friends stacy and david at casey's house around 9pm. it was late, but super fun.
i LOVE this pic! it's so typical matt. he has a photo face, and this is pretty much it. but even better is david in the background!
it was a wildly busy weekend but full of great memories. i was really disappointed yesterday when the torrential rain that lasted ALL DAY LONG prevented me from wearing my easter dress or really doing anything but laying on the sofa after church. oh, well. here's to monday!
shirt-rodarte for target
necklace-local boutique
sandals-clever nettle, etsy


Coury Combs said...

Very cute! I need a pair of those sandals!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

oh goodness this is exactly how it was here on Friday too. I love the shots you took of the sky. Really cool.

Flashes of Style said...

Oh gosh! Hope you are safe in this weather. BTW- have you stopped by Grey Dog yet?! You absolutely must.


Laura said...

love the stripes and yellow skirt! you look stunning!


islabell said...

oh how i love your weekend posts. It sounds like you had an amazing easter weekend.

That storm looks amazing, i get so excited whenever there are rain clouds like that. I guess thats what happens when you grow up in desert land.

Loving your nautical look, the stripes are perfect for that simple yellow skirt.


Anonymous said...

that mustache KILLS me! haha.
And oh my god if tornado sirens went off... that would scare the shit out of me. Although considerign we don't get tornados here I would probably just stand there thinking what the hell is that noise?