Wednesday, April 20, 2011


morning brain mush. this is exactly why i've been scheduling my posts lately. i'm so much wittier at night, ya know? i have literally had this post up for 45 minutes and only managed four sentences, one of which is incomplete.
so i will take this opportunity to talk about my dress!! it's soooooooo awesome. it's terrycloth, for crying out loud! super comfy and easy, and convenient for cleaning up spills. k, i'm totally kidding about spills, kinda. but i do appreciate the towel quality of the material. and the color sorta makes me happy :)
alright, have a wonderful wednesday everybody! we're going OUT for dinner tonight, woohoo!
dress-vintage, cheap thrills
bag-vintage coach
hat-vintage, thrift
sandals-clever nettle, etsy


rainbows & fairydust said...

such a gorgeous dress! great colour for you xx

myedit said...

eeets a pretty little dress and very handy if you can clean my kitchen in it and with it. I have spent waaaay too long on my posts lately too. I just stare and think, I have nothing to write and I have no time to write this nothing!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I'm not one to wear terry cloth, but that must be extremely comfortable to wear!!!

Anonymous said...

you look effortlessly stunning and comfortable...and that color is perfect with your complexion. and the i wish i could find a hat like that! love this look, lady! xo

robyn/rare treasure said...

oh, that dress is amazing! I love terry cloth clothing, it is so perfectly 70s.

asha said...

I absolutely love the colour of this dress- it's rare to find such a nice shape in a vintage dress, too.

Eleanor said...

Holy crap!
I am in love with every single thing about this ensemble!
And terrycloth???
That is freaking amazing!
The hat, the dress, your accessories...girl, you have the 70's nailed!

Anonymous said...

The colors in this post are gorgeous and I really, really love that you're rocking the terry. And the HAT. Oh, oh the hat. *love*