Friday, July 30, 2010

if only for today

song of the day: 'take my breath away' by berlin
isn't this song fantastic in 'top gun'??? and watching tom cruise drive around town on his motorcycle back in his hey-day, with tight jeans and bomber jacket. good stuff. although i do think charlie is a bit on the ugly side. it is my personal opinion that they mis-cast her. it's hard for me to get into their romance when all i can see are her horse teeth and big eyes. just sayin'.
i got this top while in new york at h&m. i saw it hanging up and made a bee line over to it. i love slouchy oversized tops. and this one comes complete with an eagle outlined in sequins. for realz. it was my dream come true. it's so super comfy.
i am so looking forward to this weekend. i can't wait to do some relaxing and hopefully sleep in if my little alarm clock will allow it. i'll be at my shop but that's all that's planned. i'm sure i'll be able to fill it up with stuff, but at least my schedule is pretty free to start with.
skirt-vintage jordache


minnja said...

Stunning shirt:)

Anonymous said...

HOT lady!!


Clara said...

wow! love your shoes!

Kimberellie said...

Love this outfit. So casual and comfortable. Adore oversized tees too. Don't seem to have many mind you... Your weekend sounds nice. Relaxed...just like your shirt!

acute angle said...

i LOVE the shape of that shirt!! I'm pretty much all about anything oversized on top these days. Could be related to the fact that I'm enjoying eating so much.. those shapes hide the belly!

Ashley said...

the way you played with volume in this outfit is really cool. and I totally love that song!

xoxo, Ashley

The Fashion Moodboard said...

Lovely outfit! Great blog!

jade said...

top gun is one of the best films EVER! love that you took your inspiration from there, great look!


Dalena Vintage said...

Oversized T-Shirt = Cute & Comfy...Perfection!