Tuesday, July 27, 2010

you gave without taking

song of the day: 'mandy' by barry manilow
sorry i keep talking about this, but i've just under this sort of summer malaise. you know, when you aren't inspired to do anything? truly i just want to sit around all day and not actually put any effort into daily activities. ah, that would be the life. of course, that's why my house is a mess and my etsy store hasn't been updated in ages. sigh. well next month is august and i think by the time the boy goes back to school i'll be in better working order. one can only hope.
i've worn this jumpsuit before but this time i tied the back of the pants in a knot. i kinda like how they look a bit like 'hammer pants.' do you guys know what i'm talking about? i realize i'm an old lady and some of you may or may not have been born yet when mc hammer was all the rage but, my stars, everyone had some hammer pants. no one looked particularly good in them but we wore them like they were awesome.
and i do want to clarify that the giveaway is open to international commenters. i will ship anywhere cuz i know you guys get the shaft a lot of times. and well since it's my giveaway i can do whatever i want :) so if you haven't entered yet, DO IT NOW!
jumpsuit-vintage, goodwill
sneakers-vintage, manna center


Hannah said...

I'm lovin' the Hammer pants. You rock 'em.

minnja said...

Lovely jumpsuit, great colors:)

Second Skin said...

I Actually DO remember those hammer pants quite well, but these are WAYYY more chic and sophisticated to be compared to them! I LOVE how you tied the legs for that extra special detail! VEry smart! KNOTS! They are seriously the new belt/hem/ cincher!

Kelly Lauren said...

Your hair looks amazing and that jumpsuit is divine on you - how clever to tie the ends! loooooving this.

Anonymous said...

Your hair just keeps getting bigger and bigger, I love it!! Such a cute jumpsuit, great idea tying them up for a fresh look. Oh the hammer! Brings back memories of middle school dances :)

Kate said...

coolest jumpsuit evvvvvver

Leather and Lace said...

what a dream, great blog