Thursday, July 22, 2010

all the boys think she's a spy

song of the day: 'bette davis eyes' by kim carnes
one of the best things about having this blog is finding new friends. it still seems so strange to me that i can make a connection with someone i've never met through blogging, but it is the most rewarding part of this whole thing. you guys get me. and when i'm in a rut, you encourage me. when i'm feeling vulnerable, you give me confidence. this blog is so much more than just putting up pictures of myself in a vain attempt to get compliments. there are moments when i'm like, 'why do i keep doing this?' and after thinking about it a while i realize that i keep all this up because i like you guys and i'd miss you if i went away. so there you have it.
now paige (barefoot & vintage) is one such friend that i've made. she texted me one day last week to get my address because she had something for me. i was so excited to get this adorable shirt in the mail yesterday! i mean, how well does this girl know me?! i'm super into pink right now and i love the little cap sleeves. it just blows me away that she was out thrifting one day and came across this top and immediately thought of me. we've never met but she is just so thoughtful and she gets me. i just couldn't be more flattered. thanks paige!!!
so anyway, thanks for being my friends. it is a big deal to me :)
blouse-from sweet paige
shorts-vintage levi cut-offs
boots-steve madden, idee geniale's closet
bag-vintage dooney & bourke


Amanda said...

I totally get what you're saying about making connections. It's one of the reasons I've stuck with blogging!

I love the pink with the brown accessories, you pull it off very well!

Snappy-Q said...

That is so sweet of her!
I think that the connections are why most people stick with the blogging... but do you sometimes find that hard to explain to your non-blogging friends?
I sure do.

Kimberellie said...

This outfit is beautiful fantastic. Plus, you're welcome.

Anonymous said...

This is like one of my favorite outfits of all times!!!! I love the 80's vibe going on with that shirt. Paige is awesome!! I find myself in those moments too, especially because I know some of my "friends" think it is all ridiculous and it makes me sad. So, I love having you as a blogger friend, and I hope someday to meet you in person and formalize the bond :)