Wednesday, July 21, 2010

close your eyes, give me your hand

song of the day: 'eternal flame' by the bangles
this song totally makes me want to slow dance in the school gym and make out behind the bleachers. not that i ever did that crazy stuff or anything.
i think i may finally be getting back to normal. why does it always take so long to regroup after vacation? it makes it harder when you don't really want to come back. remember when i said i was getting restless? yeah, that makes coming home kinda rough. boo.
plus, it's like 500 degrees out. i know, it's like that everywhere so i shouldn't complain.
the belts on my car are squeaking. well more like squealing like a stuck pig for about a mile down the road. it feels pretty ghetto. i know people are talking about me as i'm screaming past them. they're all 'why doesn't that girl get her car fixed?'
it feels strange that i'm not wearing anything vintage in these photos. well i guess my ring is made from a vintage button but really that's it. i did thrift my shirt though, so there's something.
top-old navy, thrifted


Zoƫ said...

I'm in love with your sandals. And your romantic, sexiness today.

Not that I want to make out behind the bleachers or anything.....

And hey! That Owl looks vintage, no? Maybe a F21 replica? Either way you could totally fool the masses into thinking it was old.

And I like you in pink.


Eunice said...

LOVE the frills! so gorgeous!

minnja said...

Lovely outfit, great skirt:)

hellolyndsey said...

aww it's been forever since i was able to come to your blog and read :)! i wish i could actually own some vintage clothing other than accessories now haha. anyways! i'm hosting a giveaway! it includes 1 vintage purse, 2 vintage rings, 2 hello kitty lip balms, some bath goodies, and a suprise! :) for more info visit


megannielsen said...

That skirt is so cute! I have the same issue with vacations... i always feel like i need a vacation to recover from the vacation!

Anonymous said...

I bought that same skirt recently at a thrift store and you look a million times better in it!! No fair!! Seriously, you look hot (no pun), and I'm totally digging those new sandals!!

Kimberellie said...

I ADORE this skirt!!!