Monday, July 26, 2010

hot summer streets

song of the day: 'cruel summer' by bananarama
now i am determined to get back on schedule! i have been so busy lately, but i'm sure a lot of you can relate. it seems like we've been doing more this summer than we usually do during the school year. or if not, then i'm just worse at budgeting my time right now which is very likely. i mean, i still have piles of clothes to sort through, clean, photograph and post on etsy. i just can't seem to get it done. and it's so hot to be able to do it too. i sweat through my outfit photos but i don't want to stink up something i'm trying to sell! ah it's a vicious cycle.
right now my in-laws are in town. matt and his dad competed in a sprint triathlon yesterday. i was so proud of them both. matt's done a couple other races and he's training for a half-ironman, but he finished faster than ever in the one yesterday. and this is the first tri that his dad had ever done. pretty cool if you ask me.
seeing people reach fitness goals is one of the most exciting things for me. i think because i know how unhealthy i was before i started running. i lived a completely different lifestyle then that i can't even imagine at this point in my life. i wasn't overweight or anything, but i just didn't care what i put in my body. it didn't matter if i skipped meals or if i ate cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner. i would try and exercise but i couldn't commit to anything and i'd be very lazy about it. when i started running, i began eating better, stopped a lot of my bad habits, became more aware of my body and how it feels about certain things. i've dealt with depression a few times in my life but since i've started running, that's all gone. it's amazing how being healthy and fit can change your life. i love it!
and with that, i must get going. i'm heading out to meet with some other ladies to run this morning! have a fabulous day:)
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shirt-vintage, from my store
shorts-vintage levi cut-offs, cheap thrills
shoes-vintage from an etsy store


minnja said...

Lovely outift:)

Rosie said...

Lovely get up Amanda! I hear you with not being able to get motivated with Etsy Updates!

Kimberellie said...

Love this shirt. Fits you so well. Such a great relaxed summer outfit.

Oh, and that is SO COOL about your husband and his dad! Wow! Impressive.

I really need to get back into running. I have always eaten well, and I walk a lot a lot. But I liked to run. And now it is hard to find the time. I always consider getting a jogging stroller...but that seems to take the fun out of it! Running should be freeing and not involve pushing!!

DalenaVintage said...

Haha, I haven't had that sweating problem in awhile. But last summer in the Texas heat. OH MY GOSH!

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

love the vintage cut-offs. Been looking for anything similar to that but I haven't found the perfect pair yet. =c Cute outfit Amanda!:)

P.S. My big blog giveaway has started. Hope you could join!=)

Love, Paxie

Eunice said...

this is such a simple but totally awesome summer look. Love it

Anonymous said...

amanda, everything looks so great on you. :) i look forward to your posts more than you know!

congrats to you man for doing so well in his cool!

and i hear ya about being overbooked and overworked, etc...this summer is flying by. the boys will be starting school before know it!

i too have lots of items to post...eek! i better get on it! but yeah, the heat is quite a booger!


Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say, i really love your hair :)

Second Skin said...

You are so inspirational. This almooooost makes me want to try running. that is actually huge for me. I love this outfit too. it is perfect in my book.

merl said...

Mama you'd be so proud of me last night..I'm out in Seattle (duh) and staying with some of the M's friends. We went out for dinner right near their house which also happens to be right next to this gorgeous lake in a neighbor dedicated to a healthy lifestyle meaning people working out constantly. Here's where you will glow lime a proud mama duck: I went for a run after we got home. A RUN. And it was kind of ridiculous because my body didn't know how to do it without a treadmill dictating how fast to go..I probably looked like a weirdo getting used to it. So now after vie made you proud I have to deflate that bubble...I still hate running. There's just no point! I still love you though :)

Gonzalo said...

great look! yes