Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oh yeah, life goes on

song of the day: 'jack and diane' by john mellencamp
a lot of people are already styling fall looks and looking forward to the cooler weather that is surely to come in the next couple months. and as hot as it's been around here, i just can't quite get excited about the cold. i would so much rather sweat. yeah, i know, all i've been doing lately is complain about the weather, but as much as i hate it, i do truly love it. it doesn't make sense, but that's the way it is. but i know the cold is coming because, well, life goes on. yet there are some things to look forward to as the temps get lower: first day of school (for the little one), my birthday, running is easier, and football!!! so it's not a total loss :)
now about the giveaway, i'll probs announce the winner tomorrow morning, so you still have all day today to enter if you haven't yet. so get on that if you want it!
sweater-thrifted, goodwill
skirt-thrifted, manna center
shoes-shoe store in nyc


Hannah said...

This is such a cute outfit. I reall like how the drapey-ness of the sweater contrasts with the skirt and its cute pattern.

I know what you mean about this warm weather. It's something I love to hate, but I still love it.

Anonymous said...

loving this look, amada. you look so pretty!

as for the warm's not my cup of tea, that's for sure. i prefer colder temps!

Amanda said...

I love the skirt, so pretty! I've been thinking about the fall all the time now! Unforntunately for me, fall doesn't come here to TX until about November it seems (winter isn't until February) so I have an extra long time to wait!

merl said...

Haha I'm kind of the same way! I hate winter but I also hate the end of summer when the heat has fried my brain and I'm sick of sweating through every outfit I out on. But winter sucks the life out of me with the 5 hours of daylight and snow that numbs me to the bone. That's whats making visiting the northwest this much harder..I want to live here! Experiencing the lack of humidity and the fact that seattle in particular doesn't get snow...Wisconsin isn't looking too good right about now....

Eunice said...

love this look! the slouchy top and skirt are perfect!

Chaucee said...

I adore floral skirts for summer : )

Anonymous said...

This outfit is so classy!!! I love how clothes just hang on you just right :) The accessories and shoes are adorable with it!!

Ashley said...

The sleeves make me think 70s and the skirt 90s, yet they totally work together, i dig that. It's been so hot in nyc that I fled to my parents house in a suburb of Boston to feel 70 degree weather, and I have to say it really feels good!! But I'm certainly not wishing summer to end, just the heat wave.

xoxo, Ashley